Twitching/muscle cramps 9 months later

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Jul 23, 2022
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Hi everyone.
I am a 22 year old female and I posted in this forum a few months ago after I began to experience some strange symptoms.
I was sick in April 2022 and my symptoms began after that. I was experiencing widespread fasciculations, blurry vision in one eye, perceived muscle weakness, etc.
I have been to multiple doctors (including a neurologist and a neuro-ophthalmologist) who did not seem very concerned.
I am still having these symptoms, though they did improve for a short period of time. My blurry vision has remained consistent, but I feel that I had less fasciculations for a month or so. They were still present, but they occurred less frequently. I just started school again 3 weeks ago after winter break, and they have gotten worse again. They are occurring in my arms, legs, and even eyelid. I also feel that my left arm is a bit weaker and tires easily. I am wondering if I should go back to a new neurologist and have an EMG done or if this is likely post-viral related.
Thank you so much for your help.
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Hello, and sorry you find yourself back here again after so long. (Prev thread here)

Blurry vision is not associated with ALS, so you would be better off speaking with your doctor for sure about that to follow up any changes. Faciculations are a non-specific symptom and can mean many many different things, not just ALS, despite what so many people read online. While it's not clear what the trouble might be, ALS does not appear to be the issue for you.

I hope you find out what the trouble is, but it's pretty clear ALS/MND is not going to be something for you to be pursuing any longer.

Please take care.
I truly wish you had blocked this site like I suggested as you are heading back into a deep rabbit hole of your own making.

As Shiftkicker has noted - blurred vision is not an ALS symptom, not at all.
Twitching means nothing.

You don't report a single symptom that suggests there is any kind of serious disease process.
I think you need to talk to your regular doctor about how much these fears are affecting your ability to enjoy and participate in life. You can get help in a number of ways if you allow your doctor to work with you. You will have to be honest about your real fears, but you can do this.
Thank you so much. I stopped worrying about it for a while after my MRI, CT, and MRA of my head and neck came back normal, but then I started to worry that they all came back normal because the issue was actually ALS. I have been having twitches mainly in my left calf and it feels sore, which is why I have been anxious. I am wondering if I should go to a new neurologist or if that would be a waste of time. It’s been almost a year since my symptoms began, so I assume that if it were ALS, I would have gotten worse by now? Also, I know that while it is possible, it is probably unlikely to be ALS at 22?
These twitches also began right after I was sick last year, so it seems that it could have been related? I was thinking that it may have been Covid, but when I took a test when I was sick, it was negative- though I have been hoping that it is some type of post-viral muscle twitching.
Speak to your doctor and bring him/her these questions. Only they know you and your medical history.

Good luck.
We have helped all we can Lynne.

Please see a doctor now.
You don't present with ALS. We just don't have the resources here to help, I'm sorry you are so anxious.
I understand, thank you so much. I messaged my primary care doctor and she recommended that I try a multi vitamin and increase my water intake. She didn’t seem to feel that it was necessary for me to see a neurologist since this has been going on for 9-10 months now and it occurred right after I was sick. I’ve been seeing some information that suggests that all of my symptoms could be caused by whatever virus I had since my symptoms began immediately after. I will try to decrease my anxiety and see if I notice any differences. I was not as worried when the fasciculations were widespread, but they have been localized to my left calf recently along with muscle cramps in the exact same area- which is why I got anxious. I can still perform activities and use my legs, the left calf just cramp and twitch constantly.
I understand that localized twitching/cramping seems alarming, but in itself it's not a red flag for ALS. It can be caused by all sorts of things, from turning wrong in sleep on up. You could try a few drops of Mg lotion on the hot spot, in addition to careful stretching and your doc's recommendations. Of course, you can always check in with them if you do not see improvement since they might recommend PT or imaging at that point.
Thank you for your reply. I’m not sure if this is the correct assumption- but since I’ve been having muscle twitches since I was sick in May 2022, would I be noticing marked weakness by now if it were due to ALS? I think I’m just concerned because they are now concentrated to my left calf and foot. Is it also uncommon for people in their 20s to be diagnosed with ALS without any family history?
It's very uncommon for anyone in their 20s to get ALS. It does sound like something post-viral and those issues can last months and sometimes years.

If you're still concerned, go back to your primary care and voice your concerns.

Typically, you should notice weakness if it's been this long.

I'm sorry you are going through all this but please let your doctor know it's still worrying you.
I think for your own sake this thread needs to be closed.

You have no ALS symptoms and are just asking the same things over and again.
I'm truly sorry you are so anxious, but as I've said, we can't help as we only deal with ALS.

Please, please, return to your doctor and ask all these questions to receive help in full context of what is happening.
Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well.
I just wanted to provide an update as I had an appointment with a new neurologist today.
He was very helpful and listened to all of my concerns - he did a neurological exam and most everything was normal (reflexes and strength were normal). The only thing that concerned me slightly was that I have "bilateral mildly positive Hoffman" and I am not sure if that could point towards possible ALS.
My neurologist essentially said that it would be very unlikely for me to have ALS with this presentation and at my age (22 years old). He offered me an EMG and I asked him if he thought that I needed it. He said that he did not think I needed it right now and it seemed like he was offering it for my peace of mind more than anything. I decided not to have it done now and he said that I could always schedule it in the future if I would like to. They also took some basic bloodwork which I should have back within the next week or so.
Overall, he did not seem concerned that I could have ALS, which was very reassuring. I think I am overthinking the positive Hoffman sign because I'm sure he would have let me know if it was cause for concern.
Thank you again!
A bilateral mildly positive Hoffman is not cause for alarm as regards ALS, but suggests the need to rule out any spine problems as I am sure the exam was intended to support. And if you happen to stress your neck a lot, might be time to reassess.
Thank you so much. He did not even mention it during the exam, I just saw it on the printed out medical note that I got at the end of the visit. Today's appointment definitely helped my anxiety surrounding my symptoms and it was reassuring to see that an experienced neurologist really was not even concerned enough to push for an EMG. I assume he would have insisted on ordering one if he had even the slightest concern for ALS.
That is correct, but not just ALS, if he was concerned for any of hundreds of conditions.

Keep a neutral spine -- it can do wonders.
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