Twitching left side of body?

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May 29, 2007
Hello everyone,
Still waiting on my neuro appointment for next Wednesday, however i woke up this morning with extreme twitching on my left side of my body? This includes my left side of my face, arm, leg, and foot. I have also noticed that all my muscles are sore all over my body, especially around my shoulder blades. This is starting to scare me and i am unsure what to do :cry: Anyone have any idea whats going on or what i should do ? I hate waiting to find out whats going on with my body.. im starting to have a hard time with all this crap. Monkey needs support!
The waiting game is very difficult. You have to just keep on the docs to run labs and check for things. When my general doctor would blow me off, I started thinking of specialists on my own for appts. I saw infectious disease and got a western blot, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, etc. Think of how you can get some help. There are a lot of things you can be checked for. Hang in there. Leslie
What kind of twitching do you have to worry about. My big toe twitches 24 hours a day.
Hi, Monkey ... You say you're unsure what to do, but in fact, you're doing exactly what you should do ... seeing a neurologist. There are so many conditions that can cause twitches ... and many (most?) twitches are benign. It doesn't sound like ALS, if that's what you're worried about.

There's really no way for people online with no medical training to tell you more than "see your doctor and find out what he thinks." We all hate waiting to find out what's going on with our bodies, but unfortunately, that's how it works.

Good luck Wednesday!
Hey guys, that post was from a year and a half ago. Monkey hasn't posted in about a year. Diagnosed with BFS and left I guess to get on with his life.

Gee ... I really better start reading those dates! :) At least, it was in the same decade!

... and Monkey, where ever you are ... never mind!
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