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Jun 18, 2007
East Texas

So I know this is the worst place to post this...but I came here lurking around reading about twitching and diagnosing myself with ALS. Since everyone is knowledgeable on twitching I was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction.....

My husband and I are BOTH twitching. My twitching started earlier than his and it has been going on now for about a month. We do not have consistent twitches that last 24/7...but they are daily and sometimes we have them going on in different body parts.

How in the world do we both have them and what could be the cause? We both have allergy problems where we live (began when we moved to a rural area) and this happened once before several years ago. We were twitching BIG TIME and then I guess it finally went away. Now it's back with a VENGEANCE. Strange thing, I looked up allergies/twitching and nothing came up....

What is it that we are both doing wrong? Thank you for advice or guidance...
well, the good thing is you dont' have ALS. The odds of you both starting that at same time are about 1 in 100,000,000 say.

It's likely something you have been exposed to, stress or something you ate.


The only thing that I can find is that sometimes there is a vitamin deficiency such as magnesium(?) hmmmmm

Possibly some sort of environmental toxin - mold, air contaminant, chemicals?
That's exactly what came to mind when I read your post. You and your husband are in some environmental toxin. It's scary what goes on in our environment and how it can be causing so many neurological problems. And it seems they are on the increase. I would start eliminating things, one at a time with about a week interval and see if you can notice anything. For instance, certain produce you both eat that may have a pesticide or something. Or, like Liz said, maybe your home has some mold that isn't visible or pesticide, chemicals, something. Super B complex, vitamin E, vitamin D have helped my twitching immensely. If I stop these for a couple of days the twitching increases dramatically. And you're right about magnesium. Low potassium can be a culprit also. Good luck. Leslie
I agree with them it sounds like an environment or allergy reaction since you both started at the same time.

Several years ago I moved into a house that was 3 years old and all of a sudden developed full blown asthma. I was having to take breathing treatments sometimes 10 times a day, spent unknown days in the hospital and thought this was the way it would be for the rest of my life.

We sold that house and moved to another state and the asthma completely went away. I mean completely.

The only way we could explain it was that the house had something in it that I was allergic to or possibly some kind of mold?

There are some weird things out there in the environment nowadays that affect different people in different ways. My wife never had a reaction while we were living in that house, it just affected me.

I hope you discover the problem.

God Bless,
Capt AL

Do both of you drink tap water out of the kitchen.. ect?
There has only been about 10 reported cases EVER of a husband and wife both getting ALS together so unless you win the super lottery, get hit by lightning while picking up your check and then get run over by a bus when you fall down that's about the same odds. I'd tend to agree that it's environmental.
we do not drink tap water....I buy bottled.

One thing that really makes me nervous is that I am having muscle weakness husband is not. The muscle weakness is occuring in legs and arms.

Which is more probable:

(1) that our twitching at the same time is coincidental (this happened once before)


(2) that our twitching is caused by the same problem

(I am really mad at myself anyway....the moment I look up ALS in regards to twitching, I begin to experience muscle weakness and now.....extreme paranoia) :(

If there is one thing I have learned, a person can diagnosis themselves with a flesh eating disease by merely "googling" a headache.

Can ALS symptoms such as twitching ALL over and muscle weakness ALL OVER occur within 3-4 weeks? Okay, I am really being paranoid when people with more severe problems are in need of prayer......

I agree with the others, sounds environmental or maybe too much caffeine or other food substance. Do the elimination thing and keep diary.

At any rate, wouldn't hurt to make appointment for both of you with neuro.

There are population clusters for incidences of ALS around the world, but still highly unlikely you both have it.

Let us know the outcome. Very interesting.

My first thought, too, was something environmental. Did you just have a new rug or tile installed? Sometimes the glue they use causes a reaction in some folks. Clearly, something is different in your lives that wasn't there before. Try to think what is was and if the symptoms persist go get a neurological workup from any neurologist. good luck. Cindy
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