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May 12, 2008
The twitches i have been getting have been more regular each day,i get thm everywhere even near my temple,my right hand iv noticed 2day on top of right knuckle its like its caved in,as tho my bones are wasting,the twitches are constant 24/7.
I know twitches can be very annoying & constant, but from what I've learned here they might not be a main reason for alarm. I also get them randomly all over, but they can mean soooo many other things, right down to the stress & worry of having an illness.

I'm not saying to put them out of your mind all togeather (they are too annoying to do that)....I would just not hold a lot of stock in them as a symptom.

Take Care.
id like to hear more,pls reply
answering back

iI have recently diagnosed with als. If you haven't seen a doctor, you should. My right upper arm started twitching after a fall at work. 1 year later, muscles in my hand, forearm, and biscept bagan wasting away. Two mri's,one cat scan and many neuro-conductive tests later. My bad news was given to me. This may not be the case with you.
see you doctor. I am 42 with 2 children under 10. The news has, and still haunts me to the bone. I hope you don't have als. GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!
keep the faith......jimmig.
Those Blasted Twitches

Very scary stuff...I have been told that an EMG is the only sure fire test for ALS. It is time consuming, a bit weird, but not so bad. Hopefully, it will be negative. Good luck!

Indeed this is very scary but you need to be strong. Many self healing ALS patients are having success.

By the way, did the twitching you experienced continue throughout the year leading up to the muscle wasting and was it only in your arm or was it everywhere?
hi again, this last week i have been getting the twitches real bad,from thighs,arms,fingers,lower lip,temples.and now i feel my right arm is feeling more like my left arm,as in heavy and weak,when i go to stand or try to walk with 1 crutch and help of someone holding my other hand,feel shaky,and kinda bounce when i go to sit.when i lay if i stretch my legs straight i get this feeling in lower back that makes my legs feel out of control when i stretch,like electric feeling.

i would just like to clear something up with regards to twitches.
firstly, random twitches all over the body does not indicate als as als fassiculations are more localized to a muscle or limb.
secondly, anyone can have a twitch but a repetative twitch say 4-6times-stops-starts over a period of time would indicate nerve irritation this too would be more localized.
from all my research and what other als'ers have said the fassiculations causing muscle wasting in als are like a rippling effect,this caused by spontaneous discharge of an axon causing contraction of muscle fibres in the rippling unit,producing visible rippling of the muscle some say it feels like worms wriggling,but this too can happen occasionally in healthy people with no other neurological symptoms. if it is caused by lmn involvement muscle wasting will follow.
i have repetative twitching in certain places that are my weakest areas and they dont bother me. i do have fassiculations/rippling in my right thigh but not ofton and no visible sign of wasting,i do however have it in my left foot and there is slight wasting there but nothing too concerning at the moment just the weakness in my foot/ankle.
i have only had twitches and odd rippling in my jaw line since starting with the bulbar symptoms.
i would sum up saying twitches are nothing too much to worry about but if you have rippling with weakness or wasting then you need a emg,this is like kevin said the only way to know for sure.
take good care

have you seen your doctor yet? phoned your neuro/secretary?
are you still coping on your own? you need to see someone,we can give you lots of advice but you need to take the steps to get help.we have all given you advice on what to do and support which we are happy to do but you can only get help if you act upon it.
please see someone this week. we will continue to help anyway we can .
take care
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