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Mar 16, 2016
Lost a loved one
Our team "Hewitt Strong" participated in the Tulsa Walk to Defeat ALS on October 15th.

It was amazing!

My PALS is such a special man. Appx 75 friends and family including his 88 year old dad showed up to walk and support him. It was such a special day! A very nice police officer allowed Cliff's dad to ride with him in the escort vehicle as he was not able to walk a mile.

We were the lead team. My PALS is known in our town for donating his time and resources for our community. For years he has driven his John Deer mower around town mowing for free.

He can walk but since I was concerned a mile was too much for him, I received approval from the committee for him to ride his John Deer and lead our team in the walk.

We sold 130 t-shirts and raised $6000.

I am hoping I can post our team picture!

I was so honored and my heart was filled with so much love because of the generosity of so many on this day! The second picture is the logo on our shirts.

Group @ Tulsa Walk to Defeat ALS.jpg

Love that team picture with the John Deere mower. I grew up in central Illinois and my father was a John Deere dealer, so I've mowed a lot of lawns on one of those!

Walk weekend is always and uplifting experience for me, too!

Love the group picture azgirl. It is a awesome experience. Very uplifting!
Oh sooner what a wonderful photo :)
Your heart must really be bursting, and you will always have this memory to treasure, and so will the entire town.

I love that he rode his mower, that really brought a quick tear to my eye to read.

Kaye your team looks wonderful, I love my shining star xxxx
Congratulations!! Love the photo :)
That's an amazing, happy story. I love it! My brother has ALS and grew up in Tulsa. He is a Sooners fan all the way! Go Tulsa!
A wonderful picture. I am so happy and know you must be so proud to be married to such a wonderful man... loved by so many. I wish I could have been back in my home town to walk. You all should be very proud! Everyone did step of for a cure. Loved seeing you with a great big ole smile!
What a wonderful picture, and what a wonderful community!
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