Trying to help people who think they have als

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Feb 4, 2022
Hi everyone. Just posting this to help people with anxiety about having als. I posted on here once. I am a 44 year old male. I have had muscle spasms or twitching for 17 months. It all started with anxiety cause my gram was dying and my druggie step son wanted to move in. I also had a cousin die from als in 2014. This all settled in my mind and anxiety took over and caused muscle twitching everywhere. I still have muscle spasms to this day all over.

Stress can actually trigger something else over long periods of time. Severe stress over long periods of time can cause more symptoms like als but actually isn't als. I get numbness and tingling, weakness in arms and legs but goes away in a day or 2. My weakness would stay if I had als or some kind of atrophy in 17 months. I also get weird vibrations and funny feelings in my hands and shins but goes away in a week. Als doesn't cause numbness and tingling but I can say one thing after talking to my cousins wife that died from als. He got the worse one. Bulbar onset. Once it spread to his limbs. He started with muscle atrophy 2 months after bulbar on set. Then about 2 months later he started getting muscle fasciculations in arms. The fasciculations only lasted about 1 month the subsided. Then about 1 month later it spread to his legs with atrophy and no fasciculations. What I'm trying to say is my cousin had it and I freaked out cause of the muscle fasciculations.

His muscle spasms started about 4 months after diagnosis and had muscle atrophy and weakness before the spasms. I have had 3 emgs done in last 1 and half years and all came back negative except ulnar neuropathy in elbows. I've been tested for everything you can think of potassium, calcium,lyme,myasthenia gravis, neuropathy and even stiff person syndrome. I had spine and brain mri. I have no ms or parkinsons. This just goes to show you how Stress can take over your life. Chronic stress beleive it or not can cause or trigger another disease.

My neurologist and rheumatoid doctor both beleive my chronic stress triggered another disease that I have. I was diagnosed with sjogren's syndrome. They beleive that chronic stress caused this or flared it up. After my experience in 17 months with spasms. I've come to the conclusion that my anxiety took over my life and caused other health problems rather than the problem I thought I had of als. T

hat is my story. Just trying to help people who think they have als but it is actually anxiety. Always remember. There is about 7 billion people in the world and maybe around 300000 people that have als in the world. Over half the world's population has anxiety. Take a deep breath and relax. You have a 99% percent of not getting als. I give my best wishes and sympathy to those with als. Live strong and never give up.
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It strikes me after reading many posts, on could this be als, that the longest posts with what seems like endless symptoms always end up not having als.

It's amazing how a clean emg test results doesnt sink in with some als/mnd. If I got a clean emg I would celebrate 🍾 say thank you very much doc and shout taxi get me out of here.
Yes. It took me three emgs to see the light. The thing that lifted my anxiety is my second doctor. He is top notch. He specializes in mnd. He told me I have better odds of winning the lottery then ever getting als even though I had a family member with it.
My thanks to the moderator who edited that huge block of text so I can read it now.

Thanks to kml, remember no one how is here worried about ALS will reply to you as they must stay in their own thread. I'm so glad you have worked through this and have come out the other side - well done!
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