trying this out how does it look

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Nov 11, 2003
Hi everybody,
i've been trying and trying to get back on tHis forum for weeks well i fianally emailed somebody i dont even know wHo and tHey gave me tHis strange password but so far it looks like it works. i just wanted to say Hi to everybody and tHat i'm still around but i dont Have time to write mucH rigHt now because i was so surprised i got back on. i'm just Hoping next time i try wHen i want to say tHe tHings i've Had bottled up inside for weeks tHings will work. it sure is frustrating tHougH i keep emailing carol witHall tHese questions i'm sure sHes sick of me already i doubt it tHougH sHes just tHere for everybodys isnt sHe? well i've got to go but you Hear from me soon.
als about loving someone
Hi kim, let us know wHat is Happening witH you. i know tHe forum Had some problems and some days it is Hard to get on.
wHat Has been going on witH you?
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