Treating excessive saliva

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Feb 27, 2007
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Good Monday everyone,
I just wanted to see what ideas folks had for treating excessive saliva. My mom (pals) has tried atrophine (which made her saliva just thicker) and elavil (she got too shaky). Does anyone know what other meds/remedies there are that I can suggest to her?

Thanks in adavance!
my husband uses a patch called Transderm-scop. It is a patch that people stick behind their ear to help with motion sickness. But the side-effect is dry mouth. My husband needed suctioning about every 10-20 minutes a day and when he started wearing the patch, he only needs it about 5-10 times a day, if that. It has helped him out a lot! I don't have to bring the suction device to bed anymore, it was a pain to haul that thing around the house. Hope that this helps! I would try it, it works! :-D
Thanks Sarah. It is hard to remember everything that works for different people. We really appreciate it when others offer help.
My husband likes amitriptyline for controlling saliva....the Scopalamine patch made him too dry and the thick saliva was hard to handle (but many PALs really like the patch). He tried Robinul too, and that made it too thick....may have to try a few drugs and doses to troubleshoot it. Mostly now he just drools much of it out onto a washcloth..other folks put a washcloth in their mouth, or gauze pads, but he has lockjaw and cant open mouth.
The amitriptyline is an antidepressant so can help with that aspect can cause some drowsiness but they get used to it.
Good Luck!
Beth (CALS to husband Shannon, diagnoseded 8/04 at age 40)
Hi Al ! How are you? I've been under the weather haven't been on forum lately. I am just beginning to have excess salivia not really bad but it is worse. Could this mean the disease is getting worse.. I take benadryl at night this helps me. The DRS. tell me I have heart damage left side, Have you ever heard of ALS affecting the heart.
Hi Jan. Hope you're feeling better. ALS affects the voluntary muscles and is not ? supposed to affect the involuntary ones such as the heart. . As for the saliva shortly after diagnosed I had a problem with it but it went away. I took Elavil to dry it up for a few months and then weaned back on it and found I didn't need it at all. Weird. So maybe you're not getting worse just going through a stage like I did
Thank you Al. Yes I am some better. I think you're right its probably just another stage i'm going through My heart problems could be from the M&M's I ate last year lol. I'm over it now back to fruits again THANK GOODNESS> Janf
excss saliva

I have bulbar onset ALS and was diagnosed in Feb. It started with a speech problem in Jan,06 The excess saliva problem has been a problem for months. I use the scopoline patch and Glyocpyrrolate 1mg twice a day. I had an appointment with my neurologist the first week in May. He prscibed Oxybutnin liquid 10 mls in the a.m. and then 5 mid day and evening. It did a great job of drying up the saliva. However, I had itchy eyes as a side effect. Then I developed a sore throat and on Sunday a breathing issue. My mouth and throat felt too dry. I could not swallow at all and felt like someone had put Elmers glue in my throat.The family took me to the E.R. and I was in the hospital for 48 hours. The folks at the hospital did not know why I had the breathing episodes, x-ray showed no chest problems oxygen running around 95. I opted to not take the Oxybutnin and the sore throat cleared up almost immediately. Of course the saliva is back. The patch helps and of course I have the wonderful suction machine which sounds like a diesel engine in need of repair. This is probably more information than you wanted. I know the frustration. As any teenager would tell us, Drooling is so uncool.:confused:
Yes but we're not teenagers, so who cares. Enjoy the day.
Thanks GrampAL I did enjoy the day. Your right about not being a teenager.LOL
mucous relief

Just beginning so this may not work if mucous increases unduly. It is rather like using the gauze. I literally pull the mucous out of my mouth with my fingers, leaning over the bathroom sink, rinse my fingers, and repeat until the mucous becomes thin or as long as I endure.
reason for excessive saliva

Hi everybody
I was wondering about the reason behind excessive saliva.Is it because the swallowing problem or nerves controlling saliva glands?
Hi! Excess saliva is due to the inability to swallow. It is amazing how much saliva everyone produces and, if no swallowing problems, is able to swallow in any given day. When I was with mom at her doctors appointment, her doctor said just try not swallowing for 30 seconds. Just anonther way to realize how horrible this disease is - like we needed one.
Yes, Midwestgirl is right. Husbands speech pathologist said the drooling is due to not being able to swallow properly. She told my husband to try and make an effort to swallow more frequently, but I doubt that is going to happen, after all, your whole life you swallow without thinking about it!

Freddie uses the patch and Robinol............The patch makes him feel weird though and I am a little afraid to dry him up too much for fear of a mucus plug.....Hope this helps...
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