Traveling with my ResMed Astral 150

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Nov 10, 2021
My Avaps, the Astral 150, is of the vintage 2018. That is an important detail, the internal battery is defective; it beeps consistently when not connected to electric. This has been authenticated by the Director of Quality Assurance at ResMed in a public email; sent to us December 2023.
Our DME has informed us that use of it outside our home will require that we buy the external battery ourselves, $895. It will be our expense, Not covered by insurance.
We have been their customer, renting this since February 2022. They claim they have no non-defective units in their inventory!

This seems unprofessional and a risk to me medically. Without electric connection, I am stuck at home as I do need to partially daytime.

Has anyone else had similar experience? Solutions? Suggestions are welcomed.
I also use an Astral 150. I received mine in 2019.

My DME requires that the Astral 150 be serviced and recertified every 2 years. During the COVID lockdown, that stretched to 3 years, but periodic recertification is required by them.

In fact, mine is scheduled to be swapped out at the end of next month and the DME has already contacted me to start coordinating getting the replacement. They typically provide the replacement and let me use it for a week or two to make sure everything is configured the way I need it before I turn the old one back in to them.

In addition, my DME provided 2 external Resmed batteries for the Astral 150. Each is good for about 8 hours.

I have travelled quite a bit and also live in an area subject to periodic power outages. I have had the opportunity to test the battery in the Astral 150 as well as the external batteries. They all work well and I can go a little over 20 hours using those 3 batteries.

Resmed also makes a 12 volt adapter for the Astral 150. I purchased a new one off of ebay. I have tested it using lead acid deep cycle batteries and it works great.

My DME also provided a very nice Resmed-branded backpack for the Astral 150. I can put the Astral 150, power brick, 1 external battery, and all the hoses, masks, filters, etc needed into that backpack. The backpack hangs on the hooks on the back of my wheelchair and it is easy to use the Astral 150 while it is in that backpack. It is exceptionally well designed. It makes travelling with the Astral 150 very easy.

I have been on 3-week trips where there is no power during the night. The Astral 150 with built in battery and external batteries has worked without fail on these trips. I could not take these trips without this equipment.

Here is another thing I have experienced travelling with the Astral 150.

My DME supplied a cellular modem that connects to the Astral 150. That way, the Astral 150 provides them with daily reports of my usage. This is used to track how I am doing, but I suspect the primary reason for it is that they can see whether or not I am using it enough to comply with the Medicare requirements for funding the Astral 150.

While there is no question about how much I need it (12 to 16 hours per day), the DME must have this data.

When I travel with the Astral 150, I do not take the cellular modem. The Astral 150 will store months worth of information and when reconnected to the cellular modem will report the last week's worth of information.

If I travel for more than a week, I am required to manually load the Astral 150 data for the time of my travel from the Astral 150 onto a thumb drive. The DME picks up that thumb drive and reviews it to make sure all is OK and that I am in compliance with Medicare requirements.

Al, that is great news! Very glad to hear you have one where the internal battery works!

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