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Mar 10, 2007
Does anyone from the US have experience travelling outside the US? My husband uses BiPap at night and I am concerned about the overnight plane trip and the different electricity outside of the country. Can you get a BiPap machine arranged for at the destination?
Hi adwilson. Welcome to the forum. What countries would you be visiting? It makes a difference in the answers.
We are looking to travel to Australia and New Zealand.
I think someone here from Califoornia did that trip. Hopefully they can give you some information. Converters can be bought at electronic stores to change currents for the Bipap while there but I'm not sure about airline use. Most large airlines have a medical department that you could contact and ask.
Travelling to Europe

AL, I ams looking to take an early 25th anniv. trip with my husband due to the progression of the disease. He tires very easily. We would like to travel around Europe. They don't have handicap accessibility like the U.S. Any tips? We are looking into approx a 14-21 day trip. This way we could see everything. I checked into wheelchairs and such and some of the tours don't provide. Has anyone taken a small wheelchair on a trip like this. My husband worries that he will ruin the trip. Thanks any input greatly appreciated.
I Got The Info You Need

My Pals friend and his wife JUST DID THIS! They had the time of their lives and had a whole trip planned around his need for a wheel chair... they did london and paris including the chunnel, they did Monet's Garden, and all kinds of great things - all with wheel chair needs met. I wanted to PM you - if you can PM me then I could hook you up with him & / or all the info - I'm sure he would be happy to pass on his knowledge / advice... Do you have a way to PM me?
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