tounge emg question

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Jan 14, 2007
how do they do it doesnt your tounge quiver and flex when you stick it out just wondering how they wouldnt pick something up on the emg when your putting pressure on it are flexing it.

this procedure did not seem to cause my husband any problems. if i remember correctly the emg is not done ON the tongue but in an area outside of the mouth. it may be better if you just wait and go with the flow of the exam instead of knowing ahead of time what may happen, as this may cause you more anxiety about the procedure. my husband did not and does not look into any technicalities of ALS, and i feel it's the right decision for him. however, i am more analytical and delve into everything i can find, so i understand your wanting to know. the whole process may be "uncomfortable" as the dr.'s like to say, but you will be fine! let's hope for the best for you.

the nurse at the als clinc asked me if they did a stick of the tounge and i was just wondering if they really stuck the tounge.

I know the neuro did NOT stick a needle in my husband's tongue. I cannot imagine how that could be done! If I remember correctly, the needle was placed under the chin, as the tongue muscle is more than just the part we can stick out of our mouths. Go to wikipedia and look up tongue. You will see a diagram of the tongue that should help. I know there are electrodes that can be placed on the tongue, but I don't remember that being done in my husband's case.

Maybe someone else can clue you in on their experience.

thanks for the info you have been very helpfull
Zac they stuck the needle in the middle of my tongue at the side. Hurts but not enough to make you cry. Watery eyes maybe but no crying. Next time they wanted to do another one I said I wasn't impressed with the idea they agreed to do my cheek. They stuck the needle in the muscle around where your jaw bones meet if I remember correctly. Wasn't as bad as the tongue. Good luck.
thanks al i guss she really did mean that they would stick my i think i can handle it you can handle alot ive come to find out with this stuff.
You are right, zac. My mind goes back to the day when I complained to my Doc about feeling nauseous. He was unimpressed. Here he is being all concerned that he thought he noticed weight loss on me, asking me if i have difficulty swallowing, and I am whining about not feeling well. He said, "You have the right not to feel well. You are a very sick woman." I read this to mean, get over yourself. You are lucky this is all you have to worry about. Cindy
They stuck the needle right smack dab in the middle of my tongue.

On my 2nd emg - just when I had thought they had finished after sticking pins in all my limbs - the technician said - "Just one more - in your tongue" - I thought she was kidding - but no - DOINK - right in my tongue

I can't say it was a lot of fun - especially when she started prodding the pin to get a response - but I survived and so will you - it will be over soon enough

Good luck

I'm not surprised it did not make Al cry - I seem to recall an earlier post by Al where he mentioned the only time he cries is when the Grinch's heart grows 3 times its size and all the Who's in Whoville start singing
Oh my goodness, rcharlton...that last comment you made about Al made me laugh out loud and I am sitting here at work reading this post and it is (was) very quite in here....These are the reasons I love this forum! Any time we can smile or laugh is a good day! :mrgreen:

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


there are basically, two ways they do the tongue, either, up through the bottom of your chin or what they did to me, was make me stick it out and stuck the needle right in the middle from the side. It actually, was the least painful of all the sticks in my body.

He then made me (yes, with the needle still in the tongue), pull my tongue back in my mouth and rest it for a few moments with my mouth closed.

it didn't hurt, the other sticks (arms and legs were worse..)

Don't get too will go by quickly.

Good Luck,

thanks im getting kinda worried im haveing some burning off and on at the top and tip of my tounge now and my starting to studder more now.
Actually Richard I think it was the other Al that cried at the Grinch. I can see you getting us confused as we are both big handsome guys with big hearts.
toungue EMG Question

Hi Zac,

I had the needle emg in my toungue. They actually stuck the needle in my toungue. It was not pleasant, a little painful, but not unbearable. To my knowledge, that is the only way they can actually look at the muscle (toungue). For me, they had trouble even finding any muscle left that was still firing due to the atrophy.

Take care,

Was your tongue weak when they did the EMG?


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