Torn shoulder ligament

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Jan 12, 2007
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MRI of my shoulder found torn ligament. Have anybody had a similar problem (I know that shoulder problems in general are very common for ALS) ? I am also wondering if the ligament was torn as a result of strengthening exercises that I did earlier. May be only range of motion exercises should be allowed...
Hi ptich. Most therapists recommend only range of movement exercises as the disease progresses due to easy injury to muscles and no repair mechanism. Dislocations and torn ligaments are quite common due to incorrect lifting assists and falls. With atrophied muscles there just isn't much holding the parts together anymore.
Thanks, Al. What exactly is a lifting assist, and how is it used ?
Hi ptich. They make these belts and some are put on like a belt with handles. They are the better ones. Some are simpler like a sling and these ones can slide off your butt and up your back and grab under your arms and if you're sliding towards the floor they can put a lot of pressure under the arms. I was getting help the other day to get up 2 stairs and the helper (inexperienced) put their arm under my bicep and lifted that way. A loud crack was heard and the pressure was let off before damage was done. Scared the heck out of me. I had visions of my shoulder popping out. It helps to have people around that realise they can hurt you if they just try to help you up the way a regular person would be pulled up. Here is a few examples.
I have so much pain in my shoulders really bad at night after sleeping on one side I go for Pt .He uses pullies to move my arms up and down than heat than he manually moves my arms and lossens up the shoulders it prevents them from freezing. My arms are weak and I use my shoulders alot more and thats the reason then are inflamed.
I heard there is something called "shoulder brace", it can fixate a shoulder - may be you should try it during the sleep ?

In my case, I have completely torn rotator cuff tendon, and have to sleep on the back, or on the left shoulder provided that the right one is supported by a pillow.
cortisone shots

I have sore shoulders with limited movement, my caregiver had very hard time getting a shirt or jacket on me. They even hurt when hanging off the side of my wheel chair. The orthopedic doctor said lack of use, from ALS, was causing pain and one of my arms was losing bone density or reabsorbtion. I received cortisone shots in each shoulder, now I need to wait and see if it helps
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