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Dec 26, 2006
Loved one DX
What do you all recommend for toothbrushes? My big brother is starting to get to the point that even the foam wraps for his toothbrush handle are not big enough or easy enough for him to use anymore.

Hey Ellie,

What about electronic toothbrushes? they have a very thick handle and even more easy to use than normal toothebrushes.

I thought about that but wasn't sure if those would be easier or if there were manual toothbrushes out there that would be even better. I thought I would see if someone came up with a good solution or if electric is the way to go.
We have an electric one that I can still hold even though it takes me 2 hands. It's made by Braun.
The electric toothbrush works really well for my husband. Not only is the handle large and easy to hold but it's the brush that's doing the all work rather than the hand.
You just have to guide it around the mouth. I think you'll find that it does a really good job on dental hygiene.

Oral B has a small electric flosser too. It has a 'fibre' held in the Y-shaped end of the device. This vibrates as you push it between your teeth. It comes with a couple of replacement heads--and you can get a pack of spare ones. It's called the 'Hummingbird'.
My husband finds this to be a good device too.
Now that flosser looks really neat. That should keep me doing my own teeth for a while. I have been using those disposable toothpicks with the small piece of floss at the other end but they are tough to hold when your fine motor skills have left the building.
Taking Care Of Teeth

Before Timothy got ALS he took very good care of his teeth (he had nice teeth). When he lived in WV nobody seen to that for him after he lost his ARMS. Most of them had to be pulled. After bringing him to AL in Jan. We are trying to save what he has left. I did buy the electric tooth brush so it would be faster and easier for which ever one of us was brushing them for him.

Sometime's I know we all get tired. We all do need to take the effort to make sure our loved ones with ALS gets that special needed treatment.

Check Out Cybersonic O toothjel:

Cybersonic O toothjel and Electric Brusher

Introducing O, from the makers of Cybersonic – the first non-abrasive dental cleansing formula made specifically for power toothbrushes.

Unlike toothpastes and gels,

O is a unique dentist-created cleansing formula that will not wear away tooth enamel or clog power toothbrushes.
O brightens teeth and leaves your mouth feeling clean and effervescent, with no residual film or aftertaste like regular toothpastes.
3.9 oz bottle for months of cleaning

O, from the makers of Cybersonic – the first non-abrasive dental cleansing formula tootpaste made specifically for power toothbrushes

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