tonuge atrophy

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Jan 14, 2007
well i clearly have it i can see it and so can everybody that looks dent in side of tonuge and thining tonuge around the front on the right side,guess my question is as it has developed so quickly and rapidly can it be caused by something other than pbp are als cant find much info on the net besides sma are pbp and by the way i have no twithing anymore anywhere thought i was clear.
Can you schedule an appointment with the neuro you've been seeing so that he can see the change in your tongue? Maybe if he notices the dent he will do another EMG. Good luck. Leslie
i have an appontmant with a muscle specialest on the 29th i know its atrophy i just hate to face iot but guess i better while ive got insuranse
I noiced that there is a condition called scrotal tongue in which the apperance of the tongue is very similar to atrophied tongue. As far as I know, scrotal tongue is benign.
Sorry guys I gotta tell you I laughed at the name of that one. I'm going to have to look that one up. No offense meant but that name is funny.
Well I did look it up and learned something new today. Thanks vmd. Furrowed tongue does sound less comical than the other though.

If your twitches stopped, you don't have ALS, with about 99.99999% certainty. Nobody with ALS has twitches that stop, they don't stop twitching until the entire muscles is dead.
An image I could have done without!
Al, you naughty boy. What were you thinking? Never mind-don't tell!:-D Cindy
no its not scrotal doesnt look anything like that ive seen pics of atrophy in the tonuge,mine is trhinner on the right side and has a big dent in it in the outside of it to,just strange ive had swallowing problems for a while now but this thing with the tonuge has come on very fast within a month and is getting worse by the week takeing more and more of my tonuge very quickly.the only med i started takeing before it started is nexium.
Shawn - I hope you stopped the Nexium. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with what is happening to you, but I was on it and my mother called to say she had just watched something on TV about bad problems because of Nexium. I will find out what it was and let you know. Leslie

An atrophied tongue does have a thinner look, but I have also seen images of atrophied tongues that have the "furrowed" look and that is why I thought it could also be furrowed tongue.
Does anyone have a good link to images of tongue atrophy? Also, I'm assuming there are degrees of tongue atrophy, but I can't find such images anywhere on the net.
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