Tongue Twitch Has Me Concerned

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Mar 27, 2023
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Stats - 37, Male, US, No family history, Otherwise healthy.

About two weeks ago a very specific part of my tongue began to twitch - left side, near where it rounds at the front. It happens every few minutes, and sort of pulsates/twitches for a few seconds. Looking at it in the mirror, it's as if the muscles in my tongue are pulling that part of the muscle backwards violently.

No other symptoms (speech, swallowing etc). Of course, if I focus on it, I can convince myself I'm having issues - but anyone can do that.

I have a family doc appointment, but not for 6 weeks. He's on vacation and the clinic can't find space elsewhere.

There is very confusing information online that a tongue twitch is "almost always ALS", but I believe this has been verified to have been misappropriated and misquoted. And, in fact, benign tongue twitches do exist? I also read a tongue twitch that can be felt is rarely a first sign of Bulbar-Onset ALS?

I'm experiencing some unusually deep work anxiety right now, but don't usually get physical responses to being anxious, which is why this has me concerned.

Anyway, I hope what I'm experiencing doesn't fall in line with the typical Bulbar-Onset symptoms? IE, initial sign a tongue twitch in one area, that can be felt?

Thank you all so much.
I did, yes. Sorry, should have mentioned it in my original post.
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