Tongue Deviation

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Oct 10, 2006
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Hi. I have quick question about ALS. Can a slight tongue deviation (only the end bit) be normal or does it mean there is definite wasting..?
Hope someone has some experience with this:).
Can I ask what you mean by a slight deviation? Has it gotten smaller?.
Al said:
Can I ask what you mean by a slight deviation? Has it gotten smaller?.

I dont think it is smaller, it's just that the end bit points too the left (a little) and not straight forward.
I have to say that I've never heard of that being a symptom of wasting or atrophy. But then it's a crazy disease. It does sound a bit odd though. Did this happen overnight or gradually?
Thats hard too say because I dont usually look at my tongue. I only looked because I had fasciculations there(I know that can be a symptom). But thanks for your response.

Might just be that one side of the tongue is weaker than the other side. Is that all the symptoms you have or others?
I only have widespread fasciculations. I was just wondering if other people noticed that their tong pointed slightly too one side when you stick it out straight forward. And when you tighten/tense your tounge if it was symmetrical (mine isn't).
Hi Dutch: Are you having bulbar symptoms? I have noticed that my mom's tongue has an indent at the tip to the left of the tongue. Her tongue does not move. I am not sure what you are experiencing. Anne
I'm sorry about your mom. I only have twitching and 'wierd' looking tongue.
My tongue also would protrude slightly to one side in the early days of ALS. Now I cannot move it much at all. It could be a sign of this disease. Not sure. Hope you do not have it. Rick
hi, what other symptoms did you have at that time and what do you mean by prodruding? by the way thanks for you help:)
tongue deviation on protrusion (sticking it out) usually means a unilateral (onesided) weakness. The tongue will deviate to the weaker side, as the stronger side will push the weaker side that way.
Tongue Twitching

You should look into this further, esp. with twitching. Do your homework before going to a neuro, find the most exp. in MND / ALS, Cleveland Clinic or Mayo or Houston Methodist. That is exactly how my sypmtpoms started. I have not been diagnosed with ALS, but feel its only a matter of time., as i'm in the waiting game, wait to see if it gets worse. I'm about 90 days into twitching, and scallop marks first appeared on my tongue besides twitching about 30 days ago, and its gone downhill since. Now, my seems as if some times it deviates also. You should look at the "middle line" is it straight or not?

Also, i've probably researched ALS enough to be a doctor now and have found that tongue twitching is very uncommon and more common in ALS, of which, i have tongue twitches. You should see a neruo and demand an EMG, esp. of the tongue and paraspinals.

Your not alone and we all hope this just stops for you.

You should also keep an eye for any changes in your body.

Good luck!
hi dutch, my neuro looked at my tongue to see what how it looked. he always would say "its quivering, which was a of als. god bless, felicia
Freddies tongue has shriveled up kind of like.........I told him it was from playing the guitar with it..........hee hee.......Seriously though he can not move it much! I hope that helps, but what I have discovered is this is not a cookie cutter disease, everyone with the same disease but so many differences..........
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