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Oct 11, 2007
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New Jersey
Today I go to the clinic at Penn Univ Hospital. I find little reason for optomism as I feel so ill. I pray for something treatable but with the revelation on why I can't sleep for more than 2 hours with or without drugs, short of breath, I am even more concerned. I had a spirometry test yesterday at the pulmonologist which was 90% predicted which is strange with the breathing issues. I took my son to the bustop this am for school and I know this is affecting him and I have not told him anything other than I am not feeling well right now. I know I do not have a diagnosed yet but I feel so bad with the cramping, wasting legs and butt and tremors in arms etc that I know this is not good. Anyway thanks to all who have replied to my concerns and wish me luck.
I am praying for you today Billy. I have felt exactly the way you are describing in the beginning of my illness and still get flare-ups of that same feeling. It is devastating.
Hi billy,

good luck with your appointment!
Let us know when you get back, hopefully some kind of good news.
We'll be thinking of you, billy.
Billy, we are thinking postive thougths for you. Please keep us posted.
Billy, sure hope things went well for you today. Please let us know!
Hi Billy,thinking about you and hoping you will keep us posted.I am praying that you will have something that is treatable.......hugs Gina
Good luck, billy, and God bless! By the way, how old is your son, if you do not mind me asking? Just curious!
You are in my prayers!

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