Tobii I-12 with eye-gaze Rehadapt floor stand and Harvest Woburn low profiling bed for sale

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Oct 21, 2022
Learn about ALS
Hey all

We have a Tobii I-12 with eye-gaze, a Rehadapt floor stand telelock, an adaptor plate, carry backpack, frame pads, bluetooth keyboard, a Harvest Woburn low profiling bed with mattress all for sale

The Tobii I-12 communicator 4 licence on the device has now expired so the new owner will have to purchase communicator 5, install it and then calibrate the device with the new user in situe

These items belonged to our kind neighbours they had a member of family with ALS that sadly passed, we dont know the full details of the condition so please be respectful, around that time we stepped in and offered to purchase the items so that their funeral expenses and other debts could be cleared

We've been researching ALS charitys for some time now to get these items out to a family that needs them the most

We're not quite sure on the price yet, we understand that the Tobii I-12 has been preceded by newer models so the price will have to be discussed to reflect that

Please do send us a message if you need for information, we are located in Shrewton Wiltshire England

Over the weekend we will take photos of the items and upload to here if possible
That is so kind of you. Does that mean you are giving them away to a family in need? Thank you for the help!
Unfortunatly not, the price will far cheaper than retail that's for sure, it will be discussed with a family reflecting their budget

We could also deliver if fairly local to the south west of england
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