To be Polite yes or no?

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Mar 26, 2005
Play with the rules, means PALS to be prepared for false hope .

But the rules are only for PALS and not for false hope!

Fight the false hope , mostly PALS don’t know while writing about treatments or supplements,
that they give false hope and someone is making a fortune out of our disease.
So speak up and don’t stay friendly, because the rules want us always this way.

Criticism and telling your opinion leads to a good dialogue.

I have PALS friends, Rama ,Dx 1977, Dagmar,Dx 1981, Dave Dx 1986, they never give false hope.
Dave doesn’t take anything at all, Dagmar and Rama are still trying many different things.
Geia hara
About politeness:
(Warning: Don't nobody dare to accuse me of being polite.)

Any doctor who tries to push drugs on me is an automatic reject.

Any person who tries to push MSG on me (after being informed) is an enemy and will be treated as an enemy. I want that person out of my life completely and permanently.

I don't automatically trust friendly people. Enemies can disguise themselves as friends.

I don't expect knowledge from people who admit that they don't know. (Example: doctors who know nothing about hidden sources of MSG.)

I have no use for political correctness. I don't care how powerful the glutes are. I still say they need a kick in the @$$ so hard that they gotta clear their throat to f@rt.

I don't need hope or opinions; I have knowledge and seek more knowledge.

You can't accept knowledge and be politically correct, both. Those who are guilty must be exposed, no matter how powerful they are. Political correctness protects them.

Using Fotios argument about 'giving false hope'...

That means Jerry Story's information about the effects of MSG is in fact...FALSE HOPE?

Is anything, but what YOU believe...FALSE HOPE?

Why can't information and arguments be given and assumed that the people reading it, are adult enough to decide what to do with that info you have graciously provided.

Knowledge IS power! and I have tried to provide valid information that IS RELEVANT to the various conversations I've participated in. If someone doesn't like what I have to say...I am not offended.

I WILL NOT infer that beating ALS means more to me (than anyone else), just because you didn't read a book I recommended or don't think the supplements I take will help me and are False Hope to yourself.

We all have ALS in common and what works for you, may not work for me and vice versa.

No One Single person has ALL the answers to beat ALS!
If they did...We wouldn't be here.
If anyone thinks they do...I'll send you a tractor to pull your head outta your @$$! :shock:

Bottom line...
If you'd like to be rude and politically incorrect to others in this forum...go ahead.
But you'll find any info you share, is dismissed and your posts unanswered after awhile.

[quote:10d75307bd="Jerry Story"]About politeness:
(Warning: Don't nobody dare to accuse me of being polite.)[/quote:10d75307bd]

Can I accuse you of bad grammar?

You say you don’t need passion as you have knowledge. Why then, do you gain knowledge? For what purpose, if you don’t have hope.

As PALSMike said above, knowledge is power! But to have the power you need the passion hope provides!

Ok guys I've tried to stay out of this one. BUT. When someone says doctors are enemies that is not a valid opinion.That is just a fanatic talking. Hitler said the Jews were inferior and we all know where that led us. No one on this foum has tried to PUSH MSG on you.
You don't need hope or opinions.? You are one closed minded SOB and maybe you should just go somewhere else to peddle your poison.
We respect free speech but I think you have crossed the line.
You refuse to respect the opinions of everyone but yourself and alude to the rest of us being stupid? HOW DARE YOU> Get lost Jerry. You are the biggest bigot and politically uncorrect person ever to voice an opinion on this forum. I wish I could meet you in person just to see for myself how miserable and twisted you really are. Your life must be a living hell the way you carry on. Good night Jerry.
Where the hell is all this coming from and who is lying about anything? As fas as MSG goes maybe Jerry needs to be put in a vat of it and be tenderized for awhile. Maybe then he would understand why we are all here and thats to share our experiences on a freindly basis and not to be enemies in any way shape or form. Wow I feel like I entered the twighlight zone.
ALS About Loving Someone
... and clearly knowledge is not wisdom.
... of course I see the cheese... but I am the WALRUS.. coocoo kee chew ke ke coo coo ke chew!
I hope that this makes about as much sense as arguing issues on a Canadian ALS website... where, for the most part, we are polite!

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I was going to write this last night, but didn't. I stayed out of it like Al did.No one is forcing anyone to be here, we are only trying to help each other. If you have a valid article or idea, fine. If not, find somewhere else to fight your fights.
This is a waste of time for everyone. By responding to this insanity, everyone is adding fuel to the fire, so just ignore these threads, and eventually they will go away.
You seem like a good guy who’s passionate about PALS and their right to sound off…

But, like it or not, there are rules to the forum game. Don’t play by the rules and you risk getting kicked off the team. Simple! What I think everyone here is telling you, is don’t bring the problems of another forum here and expect us to fight your fight.

This forum is basically like a huge support group for PALS, CALS, family, friends and healthcare workers. We give and take information on everything to do with ALS. It is not a political site and not a civil rights site. It is more like a huge hearth where people can come, sit by the fire, have a cup of coffee and speak of advice or seek help.

If you feel another forum has wronged you, then go to the mods (of that site) and express your feelings. If you’re not satisfied, then go to a site that can help you with that. If they, however, in unison have told you to drop it, then drop it. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and let things go. Life’s too damned short Fotios, too damned short!

Good luck my friend!
I think most of us can see why.
Noone understood why. I did it to support Dave Queen. Now you know. This is my penultimate post in this forum. I'll explain more clearly in my last post.
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