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Aug 10, 2005
Ok so dad does not drink enough water or drink really much for that matter... Never has he been one to just have a cup of anything unless it is during a meal... Well we have all told him that it is important to drink more then normal cause of the medications and vitamins... Dad just is not big on it... Well we all know when he does drink enough and when he does not... One the days he does not by like 7pm he is speaking slower, he has to clear his throat, he is a little horse, and when he is eating he has that wet voice, he is anxity ridden, sighing, and just plain moody.... The days he does he is great why is this can anyone explain and do you have any suggestions.... Other for him to drink more cause we have tried this and he does not like to cause then he says he has to use the bathroom to much and does not want to have to keep running to the bathroom....

Thanks Jen
Hi Jen. Could you video tape him on a couple of different evenings to show him the difference in his behavior? He probably doesn't think it's as bad as it is. There is always the option of catheterization if going to the bathroom is a problem. There are a couple of others available as well. AL.
This sounds familiar and a little scary. About a year after my diagnosis, we decided to splurge and take a trip with a disabled group to Australia. I was in a power chair and using bi-pap at night only. Travelling with a group, it was inconvenient to stop every time I had to pee, so I began limiting my fluid intake. I was also having trouble adjusting to the time zone so I took Benadril to help me sleep. This turned out to be a nearly fatal combination. The Benadril has a side effect of drying out secretions, and with the reduced fluids, it almost killed me. We were at the base of Ayers Rock early in the morning when the thick secretions came up my throat and lodged there. My weakened lung muscles couldn't clear the plug, so I couldn't breathe. Luckily after about 2 minutes, it cleared and I resumed breathing. Two minutes is a long time when you are panicking without air. It scared the hell out of me.

The moral of the story: Start wearing a condom catheter, learn to enjoy the freedom of peeing any time, anywhere, and drink lots of water.

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