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Nov 14, 2006
Hello, I am ms. illini and have been living with ALS for 4 years now. I live in the middle of a cornfield in Illinois. Very few people in my area know what ALS is ,so I don't have a lot of people talk with about this crazy ride. I have enjoyed reading the post and want to be a part of this community!

Hi ms. illini -

I just got diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. Talking with folks here is really helping me deal with the initial shock and despair.

Four years........WOW. How are you doing out there? Who is helping you? Are you alone? With family? What kind of services are available to folks living in the middle of cornfields?

I live in a fairly populated area and there is nobody really to talk to about all of this ALS stuff here either. This forum is a real lifeline.

Liz, I am doing pretty good, can eat drink,and run my mouth just like always. Walking is gone (power chair), hands are starting to go and breathing is on the down slide. My mother takes care of me in the day and kyle(boyfriend) at night. Friends come and sit with me to give everyone a break. I go to a MDA clinic (about 2hours away) every 3 to 4 months. Pretty much diagnosed and sent on my way. Oh! I have 2 children (girl14,boy11) they just moved in with father,stepmom,and 2 little siblings, at the start of the school year. Thanks for replying ms. illini
welcome to the neighborhood Ms.Illini

Ms Illini im glad you found us. I am from wisconsin. Ya got any questions just ask and someone will have an answer for ya. This is a great group to be a part of.
Take care

ms. illini -

Do you get to see your kids? How are they dealing with your situation?

Hi Ms. Illini. I just found this forum a couple of nights ago and I already feel right at home and am just reading posts like crazee! I know you will feel the same connection, it's so special to actually talk to people that know what you are going through. I hope you had a good day today and that you will have a restful night.
Well not to be outdone. Hi there ms. illini. Welcome to our little forum. Sorry you are having to be here but glad you found us. AL.
Hello ms. illini . I am sure you have guessed by now that this is the place to meet new friends and gather understanding. I just wanted to weigh in with a welcome, along with everyone else. Keep in touch.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Liz asked about my kids. Yes I see them all time. My X set up a web cam. so we chat everyday. They come home every Sat. and leave Sunday night. They have handled this Als thing better than most adults that I know. We still do great quality thing together just a little slower and with modifications. They also have a great concept of "God only gives you what you can handle ,and that he has a bigger plan for us". We are not church going family but have strong faith. I guess my moto is make your time count and pick your battles. I don't have time or the energy to waste on negitve things.
Take Care everyone
P.S. Go Illini
ms. illini -

It sounds like you have really come to terms with your circumstances and are making the most you can of your days. I admire your determination.

Just a warm welcome

Just a warm welcome to the forum to Ms Illini and GinaD.

Love Paty (Baja California, Mexico), Husband's caregiver
Hello ms,
Welcome to the forum. I have found alot of help as well as comfort from everyone here. I don't do as much talking as i use. Mostly i just read other peoples posts.

We have also been having alot of health problems with other members of my family,, so my attention has been else where. But if you want to ask,, anything please feel free. I have ALS, also, for about 2 years.
Well you take care,, and keep up the great attitude. Cause thats the best thing you can do for yourself.

Love and Prayers

Hi Marlo -

Sounds like you've really had your hands full. Hope you get a chance every now and then to take care of yourself.

Thanks Liz,
I think we all need to do something for ourselves once in the while. But lately i haven't had that luxury. My oldest daughter just had exploritory surgery yesterday. I'm happy to say it went very well. So hopefully she,ll be doing better soon. Then a few weeks ago,, my brother got hurt at work. He fell off a ladder and split his head open, which threw he into, seizures. He is not doing very well. The specialists are now arguing over what they think is wrong with him. Meanwhile, his wife wasn't feeling very good , so they ran some tests. Only to discover that she has a virus in her thyroid ,, so she has to have it out,, pretty soon. As if that werent' enough,,
All of my Son's and part of my "Identity" was stolen about a month ago. He's in the service, and was being transferred from Japan to South Carolina. When the shipments of his stuff started arriving,, someone broke in. They grabbed a bag,, thinking it was a laptop ,, and unfortunately,, it had all our papers in it ,, for shipping. Anyway,, thats why i have been alittle distracted from the forum. All the stress,, causes,, some bad days.

Anyway,, it is,,, in Gods hands,, so i'm sure it'll be alright. I pray ,, you all have a good day tomorrow.

Love and Prayers
Hi Marlo. I hope things turn the other way for you soon. Just keep telling yourself tomorrow is another day and it'll get better. It's not easy especially when you have as many things going on as you do but with your faith you will get through it. AL.
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