Tim is in the Hospital

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May 17, 2007
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Tim is in the Hospital with Pneumonia. He went in over night. I am headed back there now. I will post an update this evening. Please pray for him. I love my brother so much.

Lorie, bless your heart. Bless Tim, he has been through so much. I wish with all my heart I could be there with you, to lend you my shoulder. It breaks my heart to hear such news. Dear heart, just leave it up to God. Turn it over to Him, it is His decision. God bless you. Hugs to you and Tim, and God bless! Please keep us posted.


I hate to hear that! I hope they can get rid of the pneumonia quickly and that your brother can recover from this set back!

Please know that we are thinking of you and your brother. Stay strong my friend!

I'm so sorry. But, I agree with Irma. It WILL all be alright one way or the other. Just pray and let God know that your turning it all over to him. I know that is hard to do, but you can't just pray it you really have to do it. Just give it to the Lord. You will feel a peace fall over you. Just rest knowing he is in good care and being taken care of. I know you will keep us posted.
Prayers to you both,

i'm so sorry to hear your news, i know how much you love your brother. also the other week you were so upset that he wanted to give up, like everyone said leave it in gods hands he knows whats best. what ever happens we are all here for you and praying for the best outcome, i wish i could say more to ease your pain. god bless you and tim.
Hi Lorie- tell Tim we are all pulling for his quick recovery. You are in my thoughts tonight! Hugs, Cindy
Hi Lorie

Just wanted you to know you and Tim are in my thoughts and prayers. The struggles with ALS are never ending. We are here for you. Fondly. Beebe
Update on Tim

Under the circumstances Tim is doing good. The Pneumonia was in a small confined area. They have him on a strong Antibotic in a drip. Steroid shot to strengthen his lungs.
I had his Lung Doc. do a Oxygen Level Test (98%) and a Lung Capacity Test (72%) so he has been consistent for the last six months, which is very good. If I haven't mentioned Tim has a very good voice. The floor he is on has a Care Giver for the Patients. The doctor ordered that she sit ouside Tim's door, so he could call for her if he needed something. she is so nice. He can hold his neck up well, although it gets tired and crampy sometimes. Me and my Daughter Amelia (14) spent a lot of time with him today. We talked, Laughed and had great conversation without chaos. It was great, even under the circumstances. I took him his favorite Cheese Burger and Drink and Fed him.
I am going back in the morning after stop in at Lazy Boy Furniture to find him a chair.
It is sad to say, but tim said: While I am here in the Hospital, atleast me and you don't have to deal with the Family. I said you are right, they are taking a Vacation right now! I am upset with them. That is for another day. I just want him to get better.

Irma, I sure could use that shoulder. But I want all of you to know your support means so much to me. And I am going to let Tim know he has a Team cheering him on to a speedy recovery. I regained my inner strength and emotionally I am better. When it is time to kick into high gear, I am ready!

Thanks so much my wonderful friends!

I have never had so many friends. I am just sorry that it took this disease to bring us toghether.


Lorie :-D
Lorie, I am so glad Tim is doing okay, thank God! Tell Tim I chuckled when I read the part about family! LOL! How long is he going to stay in the hospital? Oh, so Tim still has his voice? That's great! God bless him. You take care of yourself, and Tim, too. Tell him we said hi, and wish him a speedy recovery. God is soooo good! May God bless you all. Thanks for updating us, Lorie!

hi lorie

i am so happy, waking up to this good news is wonderfull. hopefully tim will make a good recovery and soon be back home with you. i am so overwelmed with happiness for you both. reading between the lines i suspect your familys like mine,useless.
give tim my love, we are routing for him.
Hi Lorie

I wasn't on last night so I missed this. Glad to hear Tim is doing well, and that you're feeling better too :)

Best Wishes

Hi Lorie

I just logged on. I am so happy Tim is doing fine.
Hey Lorie,

Glad things are improving for Tim. Hope he continues to recover from this. Keep us posted!
Hi Lorie

Hi Lorie:

My prayers are with you and Tim; I understand how you are feeling, Jorge also had Pneumonia once but came out of it surprisingly well, it was also confined to just a
small area.


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Hey Lorie lots of support here for you andf Tim, take care.
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