tight lump in back "pinched nerve"

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Feb 9, 2008
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My brother keeps talking about a tight lump in his back that causes his back to go out. He thinks it is a pinched nerve. I am wondering if this may be related to his ALS diagnosed or if it is something else? He reports he can not sit for very long....and says that he feels better if he walks around a little. Do these things seem consistent with ALS or something else?

Thanks so much for any insight you can offer.

My mother has not been formally diagnosed yet, but I know that she is constantly up and down. She sits for a short while then she's up and meandering around the house with her cane. She doesn't get up in the middle of the night and move around. But the whole time she is awake, she is flighty. I suspect it is to lessen stiffness.
Hi Tara,

What does the Dr. say? Peg
lump in back?

The neurologist says that if it isn't ALS it is something close to it. I just don't know what the things that "are close to it" are. all I know is that the Muscle biopsy and EMG were not normal and that muscle enzymes are over a thousand when they are suppose to be under a hundred.

I fear that we will leave the appointment at the ALS clinic with more questions than answers. Can anyone suggest some questions that I should be sure to ask?

Thanks for any insight.
UCSD doc says he thinks it's ALS too

Well my brother was seen at the UCSD clinic in La Jolla and the doc agrees with the neurologist and thinks it is ALS. They ran some more tests.....heavy metals, Lyme, Hex A but the results are not in yet. They are referring my brother to a different UCSD ...ALS clinic in Hillcrest for follow up with a team of health care providers. Is anyone familiar with this clinic. What kind of services do they offer? Is anyone familiar with the additional test?

Is feeling like you have a pinched nerve typical of ALS?

I am still wondering about the feeling that my brother describes of having a knot in his upper back between the shoulder blades. He describes it as a pinched nerve. This is the symptom that is bothering him the most. He can not sit for very long without it "going out on him." He reports that he feels better standing up or walking. I am wondering if this is part of the ALS or something else that he also has that maybe could be treated. Please advise.

The knot in the back doesn't sound ALS related to me.
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