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Mar 25, 2007
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I have pain and off and on weakness around my thumbs on my right hand. This has been going on for about 1 month. Now I am getting this same thing on the other hand. I thought in ALS that it pretty much destroys or ruins a limb and then migrates, is that not true? At this rate my whole body will still function but give me the feeling of having a body wide flu. Does this sound right?


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Sounds familliar

I started out with loss of feeling and weakness in my right arm. I have lost pretty much the use of the right and now the left has decided to join the party.
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I can only tell you the experience my husband has had.

The fasciculations started in left hand/forearm then up arm across biceps/back, down right arm to right hand. The fascics worked on the muscles and are still doing so. Now his left hand has lost most of its use. However, both arms have muscle atrophy and he's lost a tremendous amount of strength in both.

So, it's as if the ALS started out slow in the left hand/arm then followed a trail to the right and then sped up progression to catch up with the left.

Don't know why. So, you could be right. But I don't think you can make a prediction. Sorry.

Hope that helps.
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The fascics are constant. He does feel them and describes them as very annoying. Right now they are limited to his upper limbs and upper torso. He does get spasms (a new thang!) in his neck and abdomen now that are really painful. Now add extreme exhaustion to the mix. I hope this isn't a sign of fast progression for him now. We've been lucky so far in that it has been rather slow compared to some.
right thumb

It started in my right thumb too.

GP diagnosed carpal tunnell. Got worse, went to neurologist who said not carpal tunnel because the atrophy was on the top of my hand too (carpal tunnell only atrophys the thumb pad on the palm he said). Tests, tests, tests,watch and observe for a year then diagnosed in Feb. Still only lower motor neuron signs, no upper.

The spread was- hand, voice (got hoarse) then other hand. Can still move all fingers thumbs but about 1/3 of before. now starting on legs.

Hope that helps.

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