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Aug 14, 2006
Rhode Island
Has anyone had any experience with throat spasms? The other night when I was in bed my throat cramped up and I couldn't breathe for a second until it went away. Naturally, I kind of freaked a bit. Has anyone had any experience with this issue :confused: ? If, so do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas everyone!
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Very scary--my husband has had them. From what I read ---stay calm because it WILL pass....try tucking your chin down some while it is happening. (this is just what our ALS book said). It also said if it continues to be a problem you might try Ativan (lorezepam), which from what I understand is an anti-anxiety drug that helps with the stress associated with breathing difficulties. When it happened to my husband he had pneumonia and also wa sreally needing to be on BiPap but we didnt realize, so he was having trouble breathing in general. I dont know what stage you are at, but could it be that you are having toruble breathing while asleep?
Also i read these spasms are often associated with people who have or had a history of husband had childhood asthma.
Take Care, Beth (CALS to Shannon, diagnoseded 8/04 at age 40)
Thank you for your reply Luna. I tried to stay calm because I figured it would pass like a leg, hip or shoulder spasm. It did pass rather quickly but it scared me. I actually do have Asthma but it hasn't bothered me for years. I no longer use an inhaler. To be honest, I don't know if I have problems breathing in my sleep. I do know that I wake up some mornings feeling like my heart rate may be low. I don't know if anyone knows that feeling or not. I smoke too so that probably isn't helping. I will try the chin down method though and talk to my Doctor about the medications. Thanks again Luna. :)
There are places where you can go to have a sleep study done and they can determine if your oxygen levels, etc. are getting critical or not. Barry
Well thank you Barry. Will def look into that. Merry Christmas :)
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