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Jun 20, 2005
ummm...I've thought about posting this subject for a while - but was afraid of opening a can of worms...

I've noticed numerous occassions where threads have been hijacked by members by introducing totally unrelated topics into a thread - making it go way off tangent - or seeing a couple of members using a thread to catch up and chew the fat - or enter into conversations personal to a few members...

Now - this forum is all about dialogue and interaction - and I would never want todiscourage dialogue - or stop people from catching up - but I think there are other ways of doing that - like IMs or new threads...

Maybe we need a whole new "Off topic" or "Just saying hi" sub-forum.

I don't mean to be a fussbudget - but I've seen a lot of interesting threads lose momentum and die because a few members turn the thread into their own personal dialogue that no one else can participate in on subjects completely unrelated to the thread.

Case in point - Patsy's thread entitled "sad news that has me very scared and depressed" about her heartbreaking ordeal and her inspirational perseverance to keep on fighting - has been converted into a discussion about baseball tickets...

:) It would have probably been more helpful to members to revive the thread already dealing with the baseball game - where there is a link for members to find additional information instead of posting in Patsy's thread where members don't have ready access to the source of the discussion about the baseball game and can't really know what the other members are talking about...

:) I know I'm still relatively new - and I'm sorry if I'm stepping on any toes....and I know there is no way to prevent thread hijacking - I just think members should be mindful of it...'cause it can be a bit disheartening when your stream of good feedback on a thread you created dies by members posting off topic....

You know I love you guys - and you are all doing a great job...I just want this to be the best forum ever - and you guys have pretty much accomplished this...
Actually you have raised a valid point Richard. I have noticed a couple of my threads have gone by the wayside as well. It probably shouldn't open too big of a can of worms just asking people to be a little more mindful of what they are posting and where it is.
I'm completely on board guys, this isn't helpful to members, and it makes the site less useful for new visitors and guests - none of which is helpful to people with ALS, and it seems our only goal should be being do we do...

We can start an off-topic thread, however, it will still take effort on the part of moderators to ensure that when threads in other categories beging to go off thread, they are moved.

Al, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but part of your moderating privledges do allow you to click individual posts and then select from the drop-down MOVE POSTS.

This feature is designed to overcome the frustrations you and Richard have raised.

Off-topic posts can simply be MOVED to a new existing thread, or more commonly (and easiest), to an appropriate forum group where it will stand as a fresh new post, and fresh new topic of conversation.

This will annoy some members sometimes, but with a little heads up as to why, they'll soon understand the value in it.
Yes I was aware of that function but thought in the interests of keeping everyone happy I try not to rock the boat but as someone has made mention of the hijacking as you say I'll start moving errant messages.
Grampa Al; air marshall on board to prevent hijackers...
Could be a movie of the week!:mrgreen:
Ha! Al is one of the biggest hijacker enablers! ;)

Most of the off topic posts are directed to Al! :)

Buttocks, baseball tickets, hummers - other matters to disturbing to re-post! ;)

Everybody wants to talk to Al! Al is everyone's favourite! Al has answers for everything! blah blah blah... Al the little ALS Forums' pet! ;)
So are you saying that it shouldn't be ALS Forum, but rather AL'S Forum?

Oy! :-D
You guys are just jealous of Grampa Al. Don't you all wish you could boast about being tall, dark and handsome, and have charisma and a sense of humour to boot!

I am going to sell t- shirts at the Sunny brook symposium, " I love Al" and make a fortune from them. Maybe, I should consider hats too. what do you think ?

Barbie4 xo :)
OK Leah. I sound taller than I am. Lee thinks I am quite handsome in a Telly Savalas kind of way. Some have said that If I let my hair grow back I look a little like Dennis Franz AKA Sipowitz on NYPD Blue. I will agree about the charisma and sense of humour though. I hope you are just kidding Richard. I'd hate to think somebody pooped in your porridge. LOL.
I'm Al's number one fan, and yes, this is www.AL'
I am sorry I am lost regarding this post. I agree that it is important to stay with the subject when posting especially when someone is needing support. I do not understand though the hijacking part, Al had mentioned the baseball is this what you mean?

The hijacking part is indeed changing the subject of someone's post. Someone mentioned that I had people changing subjects and talking about baseball etc. The others just jumped on the bandwagon and poked a little fun at me and some of the others. If you can't have a little fun each day then you might as well just stay in bed. We all need a little fun or laughter in our lives. My sister was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer last Tues. Lord knows I could use a good laugh.


I am so sorry to hear about your sister. What a huge drag! It is not like you don't have enough to deal with already!
If I hear a good joke, I will pass it on to you to keep you smiling and tonight I will cheers you and your sister with my glass of red at dinner.

Barb :-?
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