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Oct 5, 2007
This is probably stupid but I remember reading an article in the newspaper a few years back saying that newly built houses tend to 'leak' chemicals (used in their construction), into the air for a few years. We moved into this house as a new build - anyone else living in one? I'm almost too embarassed to ask something so outlandish but I figured we have nothing to lose in sharing possible similarities in people with MND. :oops:

Hey Steve,

don't be embarrassed! Who else is gonna find out what causes ALS/MND but those of us who have/deal with it!

My husband handled chemicals for a great part of his life, so who the heck knows?

Chemicals, just as any other drastic strain or stress on the body could be a contributing factor to someone predisposed to ALS,

Others may be in a new house, but across the pond, here, we have our houses treated for termites all the time and sprayed for insects almost monthly (in the south anyway).

Some others may have something to add. :)
Not stupid at all. It is quite well known that carpet gives off vapors that may or may not be harmful when first laid. I recently heard but don't have proof that that new car smell we all like can be hazardous to your health because of all the plastics etc. Only way to avoid it is live in an igloo but the ice you use to build it with probably came from polluted water.
My husband was DX 8/07 with first symptoms spring of 05. He has worked as a carpenter and doing constuction work for the past 15 or more years. He has been exposed to lots of toxins over the years. That "new car" smell and the gases given off by new carpet comes from formaldehyde.(as well as other chemicals I'm sure) My daughter is allergic to it (along with just about everything else on the planet!)and takes shots and drops under her tongue daily. When she is exposed to formaldehyde she gets a headache, runny nose and itchy eyes. It is in so many different things. New clothes, printed material, carpet, and yes, even building materials.

My husband was exposed to high levels of mercury and lead from a stove that was installed incorrectly in his office...also he worked in the plastics industry since he was 22....he is now 40. Interesting to try to figure out what could have initiated the storm. Have a happy halloween!
New home


I moved into an newly constructed home in July 2002 and my first symptoms started in summer of 2003. I was diagnosed in October 2004.

But since my wife and two children moved into the new house at the same time and have had no health problems, I think the most that could be said is that some of us are genetically or otherwise prone to MND and toxins could trigger it. But these toxins are everywhere and would surely be impossible to avoid altogether.

Also, this was my second new home purchase. No effect from the first one 14 years earlier. I'm glad you asked the question, because I have often thought about it as well.

Thanks for all the assurance - maybe somebody will come up with the definitive link one day. It probably will be a freak mix of genes and environment. Just have to keep looking....
my mother in law lived in a house built in 1910 which she constantly worked on, hand sanding and staining and varnishing hardwood floors, scraping paint which i'm sure was full of lead for years.

she never used a mask my husband says.

She also cleaned houses for a living, so i'm sure she was exposed to a large number of chemicals used in cleaning.
Interesting thread you have going here. I had not even thought of it until I read your posts, but my symptoms begin when I moved in a "SICK HOUSE", :evil: about 5 years ago in Florida.

Among the many weird symptoms I had was I and my wife developed full blown asthma, and had to take breathing treatments several times a day. I was put into the hospital several times due to lung infections and high CK levels from the muscle spasms, that started while in that house.

When I moved to Gulfport, Ms. into another house, my asthma went away completely. I never have had another attack in over 3 years now, and neither has my wife. But of course after that in May, 2006 came the ALS DX.s

Must be something to this. Just too man by coincidences.

God Bless
Capt AL
I'm wondering if my ALS might be a result of the chemotherapy I took for breast cancer back in 1990. Also, I've been spraying weeds in our pasture for the last 15 years, ever since we moved to Montana. Like Steve says, lots of people are exposed to chemicals without getting ALS; but maybe we PALS have some special susceptibility factor. I just sent off some blood to the ALS Gene Study at Massachusetts General Hospital, along with about a ream of completed questionnaires about my family history and places of residence. The premise of this study, if I understand correctly, is that they have found genetic differences in people with sporadic ALS. They are exploring this avenue. If anyone else is interested in participating, call Nicole Couture at 617-726-5750 or e-mail [email protected].
Nicole can email the forms Carol mentioned above to those who find it easier to type than write. They are still seeking study participants.
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