This has got to be ALS. 22/YO/M

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Jan 24, 2021
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Hi, Sorry for posting this. I wouldnt do so if i didnt think this was ALS. I am 22 years old and have been having symptoms for about 14 months which have progressively got worse. Heres a timeline:

16 months ago
- Went to a developing country, Bitten by a lot of mosquitos but no sickness from this
- A student noticed one of my fingers tremoring

14 months ago
- Still in the developing country
- Tremor got worse and i felt very rough
- Sickness, fatigue and headaches. I think i was sick from the food or something i dont believe this is related to my current condition
- Very clumbsy hands - This felt like it occurred over night. I suddenly had trouble with putting keys in holes ect

12 months ago
- I am back home now, I notice my leg feels numb. Not weak just very numb. I promptly go to the ER and they dont do anything. This would be the first of many trips to the ER as i was nervous about why my leg was numb among other parts of my body.
- The muscle shaking started, ALL my muscles shake when exerting any force at all. I believe this is due to weakness
- I stop working out because of this muscle shake and also because of a tremor in the numb leg

8 months ago
- I went to the ER because of dizziness, poor coordination, spasms, numbness, dexterity loss and weak hands and a very strange vibration in my the one leg
- This vibration went on for a long time, I would try to sleep and my leg was constantly shaking/vibrating. No quitting.
- I notice that on a 5 minute walk my foot will ache so bad on the bad leg and it would also fasiculate like crazy afterwards.
- The muscle shaking continues to get worse - Its every muscle at this point whenever i move it. Sitting up from bed? My core shakes violently

4 months ago - Things go downhill badly
- I started getting what i thought was bone pain on the bad leg, I now realise it was like a mini cramping pain
- Some strange pains start happening eg shocking sensations that would make my whole body tingle (one out of three days were bad with this) as well as some sharp pains when moving a hair on my skin
- I notice some vitiligo on the same side as the leg as well as a lot of dead skin (psorisis according to a chemist)
- My one leg becomes weak - I fatigue quickly on it and it hurts to walk. I stand on the leg for 30 seconds and im in agony but my other one feels fine for over 2 minutes
- I get an MRI of my spine and brain - Both clean

3 months
- The fasics become crazy in my leg, The weakness continues to get worse
- I notice a lot of muscle loss in my hands - A huge dent on my thenar (huge)

2 months
- I get a clinical exam by a neurologist - He finds bilateral hyperreflexia, hoffmans, clonus in ankles and spastic catch in my legs. Power was normal throughout. He tells me that he doesnt think its ALS and sends me for 2 more MRIs. Both are clean. After they are clean he says he wont do an EMG because he doesnt feel there is any need.
- Notice atrophy in my leg - Its extremely soft compared to my other one and has the same consistency as jelly.
- I start burping, Coughing from saliva & have a tight throat

1 month
- Fasics spread to my arm and chest, My pectoral muscle is now soft along with my arm (all on the same side), My arm is very weak also now. It cant hold as much as my other (non-dominant) arm a fatigues way faster
- My hands feel extra weak. I start dragging them eg when i pull my hands back from holding something i often accidentally pull the object back with me. Holding things feels difficult and even tearing tissue can feel like a challenge
- One of my hand (on the bad side) can not move as much as my other, It just doesnt stretch as much.
- I woke up choking on saliva twice, After that i constantly have to spit and clear my throat.
-Cramping pains are bad. In my hand and leg mostly, When i stretch my hand it gets better which is how i know its cramping.

Tremor, clumbsiness, Muscle pain, Muscle weakness, Fasiculations, Shakiness, Spasms/jerks, Swallowing issues, Saliva issues, Weak hands, Weakness on one side, Some weird things such as headaches, dizziness, nerve pain.

Im absolutely terrified and have been for about 6 months since this starting getting bad and learning about ALS and it seems that every month i get closer to an ALS diagnosis at 22 years old with no FALS.

What are your thoughts about this? Is there anything else this could be at this point? I honestly dont think so.

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