Thinking of YOu Annmarie.....i'm praying

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Nov 27, 2006
Learn about ALS
Annmarie....Tomorrow is a big day, please let us know ASAP.

I have a good feeling about tomorrow.....i'm praying for you friend.........

Please try to relax, make sure you point out "bad" muscles to the EMG guy....MAKE SURE HE TEST YOUR TONGUE....

Hang in there buddy ...........


I hope all the news is good. Keep us posted.
Sending +ve thoughts your way for a very -ve EMG. I know how scared you must be going back for this appointment. No sleep, knot in the stomach etc. Try to remain calm as hard as it is and know that there are a ton of people here on this board thinking of you.
Annmarie - you back from doc?

What did the doc say about your EMG?

Waiting and praying ...
Annmarie - Are you back from your test yet? I like to think you are out celebrating some sort of good news. Let us know! Cindy
Hi Anneemarie-- Good News..

Who did the EMG this time-- DR S?

Any clue from them what they think is the issue or do they need an abnormal emg?


1.) You should definitely be happy, it beats the alternative.

2.) One word of advice, get the full written report sent to you.

3.) You sound like definitely NO ALS. You have been sick for a while, the EMG would have shown something of concern....
Wonderful news!


That is fantastic. I am so pleased for you. You make me feel like there is hope for me since you have some similar symptoms to me, esp the hand atrophy (I think you have that), the tongue pain etc. I am just so happy for you. I have a feeling that you, Jamie and Leslie will all be fine in the end - once they figure out what the hell is wrong with the 3 of you. Hey, maybe you all have the same thing!
Anyway, great news. What did the neuro say? Definitely not als based on today's visit, right?
What other suggestions did he have?
Jamie was right - he knew it would be good today. :-D

Hi Annmarie,

How long was the actual testing? When my neuro's assistant did the emg/ncv it took only about 20 min total. I assume that was not a very thorough assessment of my condition. If you don't mind telling us about the actual testing etc etc that would be great.

I am so happy that they havnt found anything "bad" thus far. No news is good news, kinda. I know how you feel, something is wrong, you dont want bad news but you want news that will tell you what the hell is happening. Bunch of us stuck in limbo land, lets keep together!
Whooooo hoooooo!

but darnit..... i now how you feel. It's great...but no answers.

It's good that it was normal.

What do all you people think is wrong with annmarie, leslie, lou and's strange yall...


Hey Annmarie - tried to call you when we came back from our trip.....I am so glad that the EMG didn't show signs of als. I do wish it showed signs of what is happening. I really am not a good person to ask about how much weight I would put on it, because, as you know, my two EMG's have been clean, but my biopsy was consistent with polymyositis. My EMG's clearly should have shouted myopathy. The docs are baffled. My CPK's should have shouted muscle damage, but were normal. The docs are baffled. Unfortunately, there are atypical cases for all of these neuromuscular diseases and you happen to be one of them (as well as Jamie, Lou, me, Tom and a couple others).

I think we all have something that is probably simple, right under their nose, but we're scraping by it. My endocrinologist is the best. She said she won't just watch me deteriorate, she's scared they're missing something easy. Personally, I think all of us mentioned above are suffering some sort of myopathy, but which one is the problem....and the most important reason is why. Without fixing the why we will always have it or it will always come back after treatments.

You will, or maybe already are, have a big let down over this because you still don't have answers. But, please still be happy it didn't show the als signs. Love ya. Leslie

I am glad they said normal :). I hope that they are able to find out what is bothering you though.
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