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Jan 10, 2008
my pt came to see me this morning,shes called sarah and has been on maternity leave since last september, she normally comes every 2weeks.
i told her about my foot/ankle problems and she said firstly i had developed a fallen arch and would need to see someone in orthopedics, she said it may be due to the weakness in my left leg as neuromuscular desease can cause foot abnormalities.
also she thinks there is something wrong relating to the nerves in that foot that need further attention.
i told her about the jaw/spasms/chewing problems and she is going to arrange for a speech therapist to come and see me and may need to have an evaluation.
i also mentioned a few things i was unsure about. firstly clonus,she said the uncontrolable shaking in the legs when you lift your heel of the floor is clonus. however i get the same thing happen in my arms if i am holding something and my elbow is bent like when holding the telephone,she thinks this is more to do with weakness of the torso muscles than clonus.
i asked her about periods of spasticity/stiffness and flacidity/weakness and she said this is the case in spastic paralysis. i was confused as when i went to the mnd doctor he said i did not have a spastic gait and my muscles were floppy but i had more weakness that day with a waddling gait but when the spasms are bad my muscles are stiff,my balance worse and can barely move my legs.
i feel better in my mind now having been able to talk to sarah as my neuro does not tell me much.
finally, my dad has gone for his brain scan today. they suspect altziemers and he seems to have got worse since the begining of the year. my mum said yesterday he could not remember his nephew,denied he ever new of his existance even though they had been on a short break with my aunty/uncle and they had talked about him, very worrying.
i hope everyone else is ok.
take good care

Thanks for sharing and I'm glad to hear you feel better!
Hi Caroline. Sorry to hear you are not doing so well but glad the PT helped with some answers. I am especialy sorry to hear about your Dad. We have AZ Dementia in my family and it is not easy. :( Cordially, Cindy
Hi Caroline,
I am sorry to hear that your Dad has Alz. My mother has dementia and this on top of my husbands PLS?ALS the weight and worry is tremendous at times. I am so glad you have your therapists to talk too. I will certainly say a prayer for you. Take care and just get through each day, that is my goal. Gracie:)
one day at a time has been my philosophy for awhile now!
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