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Jun 9, 2003
I have tried six times to post but have failed all six times but I think it's going to work this time as I did a test instead of typing a long post and it wouldnt post..

Here goes. My mom, 86, was diagnosed in May. She had been in the hospital for 10 weeks, went home for a couple of weeks and now is in a nursing home as my dad couldnt look after her. He is 86 too. The VON stopped service.

Anyhow. She has lost the ability to speak, has been fitted with a feeding tube as she was just wasting away as she was having difficulty to swallow. She is down to 70 lbs. She communicates by writing. She is experiencing weakness in her arms. She has a very limited abilty to walk with a walker so wears a diaper in case of accidents which do happen regularly. Her mind is sharp unfortunately. Life is slowly going out of her eyes due to sadness.

Can anyone give me an indication of how long I will have my mom. Inspite of just being diagnosed just in May i am wondering if the doctors missed signs due to her having rhmeutoid arthritis. What do you think? Ever hear of this problem?

I am just looking for honesty. Can someone give me the truth or hazard a guess. From your experience, how long will I have my mom?

Thanks a lot! Well, here goes...I am going to try to post this again.. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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