The reason...

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Aug 28, 2013
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The reason….

The reason I have posted so much about Sina is that throughout
Rock n Roll history drummers have been dominated by men.
Sina and now new up and coming female drummers are finally
being recognized as equals on that instrument.

Another reason I have posted about drummers is that technology
is bringing more and more synthesized instruments into the
recording studios and even on stage. They are eliminating
drummers and key board players with synthesized tracks instead
of actual musicians. The new star Ed Sheeran for example… he
now has two or three top 40 hits and he uses synthesized
instrumentation on stage. He has a computer board at his side.
No band behind him.

Finally, I bring a girl Rock n Roll drummer into all of this because…
it’s about time.

*And… most of those who comment and contribute to this Forum
are… our ladies. :)

If I may toot my own horn… Back in the late 80s I hired a women
to work in our shipping department. The job was being a full
blown carpenter having to build cradles and skids for shipping
our expensive components for the machines we built. Often the
cradles and skids weighed more than the components. (Her and
her husband used to frame houses.)

When I interviewed her I was skeptical too but she applied for the
job. We walked out to the shipping room and she said…

“I see you have a Senco Nailer and a Dewald Compound Miter
box… good. I have all my own hand tools."

On her first day I had so many come up to me and would say…
“Are you kidding me?” Even “Do you have a thing going with her?”

The owner of the company came up to me and said…
“What if she gets hurt?” I said, “What if the guy who quit without
notice got hurt?

Anyway, when I left the company she was still there… over the
shipping department.

Whatever... just something to read here at the PUB. :)
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