The Good, the Bad, the Future

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Apr 14, 2004
Hi gang, tHanks for tHe advice for tHe love lorn. i am going to sit back, take a break before i go insane and see wHat transpires. He knows wHere and How to find me, He wants to talk, He will Have to initiate tHe process.
carol How you do it is anyones guess every day, no wonder you are sick. glad to Hear Henry is a bit more stable.

to karen, wHat you are facing ain't going to be a picnic, but you are doing wHat you need to do because you love Him. tHis may sound absolutely insane, but i truly envy you tHis opportunity. people tell me i am crazy to want to care as time progesses, but i do. tHey don't understand in tHe least. i get asked.."do you want to put yourself in tHat position?. i know if i was in a position to do so, tHere would be Help from His side of tHe family, so i would never be alone in it. but, for now, we Have to pray for a miracle, at least to buy time until tHere are more treatments available. and maybe He will wake up and feel tHe need to talk and not simply settle for tHe mundane of daily living. i know He needs more, and i know i give tHat to Him as He does to me..Hopefully He will miss it enougH to want it back. seems as if i Have answered my own question Haven't i? all i Have to do is stick to my guns....god...
so tHe guys Haven't commented Here, just tHe female reactions. al, do you Have a spare fire Hose, we could Hook it up to His outlet on tHe street and Hose Him down..He lives close by!
elaine, How are you making out tHese days? trying to get to tHe forum meeting tHis week was next to impossible, so for now i will watcH from Here.
debbie, you Have to decide wHat it best on tHe job front, but were you not suppose to be in tHe stem cell trials?

someone please fix tHe lettering...feel as if i am climbing up and down Hills....and valleys............tHanks i know you are working on it..done a great job getting us back and running.
Not open for further replies.