The Good, the Bad, the Future

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Apr 24, 2003
good news
the forum was completely restored and the template was updated. some minor improvements were made to target search engines (to help increase our exposure).

the bad news
we did lose the 90 or so posts made over the last three weeks and any new accounts generated. we're keeping the old forum online for a couple of weeks here ( for those of you that might want to copy (highlight + ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) any important posts they may have made over the last 3 weeks.

in conclusion
the last few weeks have been very frustrating for everyone involved with the discussion forum.

while i can't guarantee something like this won't happen again in the future (the chances are very unlikely), i can promise that the turn around time will be much more acceptable. the new forum software is much easier to upgrade and maintain (this should help keep the forum stable and up-to-date)

the upgraded forum brings much more security and some new features to the als discussion forum.

please enjoy, have fun, take care and keep on posting !

warm regards,

david wilson
Well thank God and David.
Hi Dave,

I agree with Al, Thank God, and you. You have put a lot of work and a lot of hours into this site to please us, and we appreciate it very much. Keep up the good work, for without this forum, alot of us would be lost !

Again, Thanks and Happy New Year !

Carol D.
Hey Al,

Your truck is back ! Good for you. There was always something about a fireman that appealed to me !

Love ya. Carol
i wanted to add my thanks for all your hard work too, david!

i'm just curious, what is your connection to als? you may have mentioned it before, but i don't recall!
i work for a company called intrigue design consulting and am responsible for the website.

the online forum was originally conceived by myself and susan graham walker (now with the als society of ontario).

personally, i've always appreciated and enjoyed online forums and try to make it my personal goal to ensure this forum grows and remains a quality resource for people affected with als.

the regular posters like yourself are what make the function, and keeps the site worth while visiting, so i'd like to thank all of you for making this work!

with the return of the regulars (yourself, al, carol etc), and with proper placement on search engines (improving steadily every day), and the help of some of the software improvements over the last few weeks i think we will be welcoming many more individuals in the months to come.

we're trying to make this forum as easy to find on the www as possible (vis-a-vis search engines and link marketing).

if you ever experience problems, or run into any bugs with the site please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].


Thanks for all the info david and again Thank-you for all the work that you do for us!
Thanks also david for all your hard work, and any one assiting with you.
you have a happy forum back.
hi to all, happy new year to everyone.
... yes david, there are many happy campers now. quite a christmas gift. thanks for your hard work!
Hi carol. it must Have been tHe rumour about firefigHters always being in Heat or maybe tHe one about fire guys Having more Hose tHat attracted you to us. more likely tHe uniform. even us fat bastards look good in tHe dress blues. Hey tbear: like your plane but i tHougHt you said you were flying a pa 28. tHat one looks like an extra or sukoi. Have you moved up to aerobatics? wHen you coming to brampton to take liz and i for a ride. migHt not be a bad idea sHe's not married or anytHing tHat i know of except for tHe als guy tHat doesn't seem to want Her in His life andsHe's kind of cute. migHt be a keeper. you migHt want to consider dropping by for coffee some day. take care anyway and Hope you're not mad for me trying to fix you up liz. tHe type went screwey Here and erased all my caps and capitalized all my H's too late to do over again so you'll get my drift.
Hi al:
glad you like my ride. it's an rv-7... you sHould cHeck out tHe specs on it. i work witH tHe pa-28 mostly but also a dHc-3, b206 and an astar b2. tHe 7 is my dream macHine... and tHe image easier to download off of tHe internet and modify. i've Had tHe 28 into brampton but it's a tigHt squeeze on tHe taxiways and takes up a lot of space on tHe ramp... but coffee would be good sometime! as for setting me up witH liz i'm sure tHat sHe's got better opportunities locally... and my friend "tHe professor" migHt not take it too kindly.
i noticed tHe glitcH in tHe posting and will leave a message witH david tHis a.m. if i can.
Have a good day... i'm off for a dr's appointment myself.

Thanks al, you trying to set me up i see...sorry tbear, that was his idea...and i am only kinda cute? come on..."kinda". dynamite in a short skirt too....however i am open to blind dates, anyone have any available "unmarried cute" friends please..let me know. my new years present from the bastard was conclusive....there simply is not enough time for us, in year terms. i can't leave yet for at least two years, even if we take two of my younger ones with us, staying in this city is not an option for us. of couse it would have been nice if he had the guts to talk to me to my face instead of emailing me. i don't know how his health is but i gave him a piece of my mind regarding moving his ass to try anything that may be available to him. i assumed he read it but did't reply..naturally..all i ever seem to hear from him is a discussion about the weather or snow storms...answers those messages. not sure why he bothers...i know deep down he is struggling as i am, so i am trying to back away, lick my wounds and move on. but it is hard, i know he loves me, and i love him, living so close doesn't help either, passing cars in parking lots or on the roads. he will do what he always does in periods of high stress, he shuts down and lets no one in. i doubt there is much support at home if they even know, i can say that from seeing the household in action and from previous situtations. he likes to play superman and shoulder the burdens himself, not admitting very often he needs some help. i have said i will do everything i can to be there, and since he hasn't completely blocked the email and responds on occasion, i think he still needs me but won't admit it. even if the future does not hold what we were striving for, it is difficult for me not to kick him in the ass on a daily basis and get him to at least talk. in our case, the disease infected him and destroyed us, there simply isn't enough time to make it.

so to the gang, even if it looks bleak, which it does, a part of me is not ready to give up completely, so do i return on my daily ass kicking showing him i am still there for him, or do i sit back and wait to see if he caves in when he opens up his email and finds i am not there?
Hi guys,

tbear, did not know you were a frequent flyer! love your plane.... tHeresa, Hang in tHere, love is sometHing tHat you just can't turn off and on. However, i Hate seeing you getting your Heart broken. you love Him very mucH, and i'm sure He loves you too. maybe now is not tHe time to burden your Hearts witH anymore useless Hurt. if i were you, i would let it ride for awHile. sometimes, distance makes tHe Heart grow fonder, Henry says, outa sigHt, outa mind. i like my take on it better. anyway, good luck to you all tHe way around. al, you said your a big Hoser? !
gotta love ya babe... knock on wood, tHat tHe past two days Have been ratHer stable Here. He is not Having too many problems breatHing tHe past couple of days. we Had to take Him off tHe morpHine, He Had terrible reactions to it. too bad, it kept Him pain free most of tHe day. so, we are back to percacet. tHats okay too, we just inject tHem into His feeding tube. He takes 2-3 at a time now. every 4 Hours. if it works, it works, and tHat is all tHat matters to me. anyway, i Have strep tHroat, cannaot talk, my staff loves me tHis way, as do my family. sucks, i tell you, beacause i Have so mucH to yell about.....Ha... Hope you all Had a good day, love to all , will talk soon.

dave, tHe forum looks excellent! keep up tHe good work..

stay strong, god bless,

carol xoxox
Hi tHeresa....i am sorry to Hear about tHe Hell you are going is difficult to love someone so deeply and tHey allow tHeir Hurt, pain, or power of persuation turn against tHose tHat care. sometimes men Have so mucH pride, and tHat is in tHe situation of a HealtHy man. i sometimes find ricHard "barking" at me, but i bark am sure He would tell you tHat. we are going tHrougH tHis move soon, and it overwHelms me...i wisH i could blink and He was moved in. He is unable to Help mucH, and i am sucH an organized person i sometimes feel i will go insane! so Hang in tHere kiddo...maybe it is best you just remain His best of friend, and tHat will be enougH to Help you move forward witH someone know in your Heart wHat you feel, and maybe tHat "special feeling" will get you tHrougH..not sure....sometimes knowing you did your best will give you some kind of peace. to carol....your sucH an inspiration on Here...just wanted you to know :) take care to all..i am glad to see tHe forum up and running again like it sHould be...ricHard and i are new to tHis....but we do enjoy reading tHe past tHanks to everyone we Have met so far on Here....all our love and prayers.....karen
Hi everyone,
i'm so glad we Have our site back to normal. everyone is back on track,posting and i Hope it never Happens again.tHanks david for all your Hard work .sorry to Hear tHeresa tHat you're Having sucH a Hard time. i agree witH carol, distance is best for now.wait and see attitude sometimes pays off.
keep us posted.
keep well everyone, elaine
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