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Has anyone else heard of this company? I'm a little uncomfortable with someone advertising on this site and there is nowhere to go to get more information.
I would personally stay away, if you click on the link, it asks you to enter your email address..........not a good idea....god knows what they can do with it...
I entered mine just to see what happens. You can be sure I'll let you know. I see by the time postings Theresa we haven't adjusted our clocks.
Now isn't that interesting. I went into profiles and changed my clock and my screen now shows your time as being correct. Technology! Amazing.
be careful

smart ass........the clocks on this amaze me, they seem out of whack..I posted the comment around 6 pm...I think..........and it may register in the middle of the night....
To anyone reading this and from Al's trial, be careful what you give out. I worked today and spent most of my time dealing with people who had their bank cards copied. These background, unknown sites such as what was posted could be a way to comprimise your computer and all of your information. Beside, don't we already have bracelets? Are we not trying to focus on Kim's slogan?
The bad guys get into your computer via information provided on the net in some form, pick up the key strokes and passwords. From there, they have a hey day.
Not an ALS topic, just a warning,
This site is very secure for forum postings, but beware of anyone asking for more without providing a legitmate email or site to log into.
I sent the following message to this company by PM.. Let's see if they reply.
I think if you are going to post on the ALS Canada site you should be providing more information about your company. Could you give us more information? Who you are ,your interest in ALS, where your head office is located and who the principal officers are. We are interested in whether yours is a bona fide organization. A Google search turned up no mention of your company. Thank you for any information you provide.
I clicked on the email logo and got a notice that this company does not wish to receive email. Suspicious or what?
ummmm :? weird that ALSorgInc has removed the post he/she started :shock:
I apologize if anyone took offense to my posting. I meant it to be positive not negative! My name is John I’m 33 From New York City. My company ALS organization is a brand new company formed non profit in NY in memory of my Mom and the thousands of others! My mom died from this god D A M N disease at the age of 53 years old ...3 years ago. Im trying to help and do what I can do to bring more exposure and to find a cure. I own a nightclub in NYC and am always around celebrities. I got a big time designer to design a bracelet. This thing is an amazing piece of jewelry. The nicest most beautiful bracelet I ever seen! Anyway the idea is to auction off a very expensive version that have diamonds etc then have celebrities wear them to bring exposure. Then eventually get the bracelet and line into major boutiques. Im trying to help not hurt

The bracelet will launch at

Thanks John
This a copy of the message sent back to me from ALSorginc.
From: ALSorgInc
To: Al
Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 7:03 pm
Subject: Re: More information
We are a new company. The company ALS organazation is formed non profit LLC. My name is john im from new york city and my mom died 3 years ago from ALS. This company is formed in memory of her. Im doing what I can do to help. I own a nightclub in NYC so a idea I got I was i got this big time designer to design a bracelet. Then my idea is to have celebritys were this bracelet to bring exposure to the disease and bracelet. Im trying to get the word out slowly. I just started out!

John. I don't think anyone took offence to your posting but the way it was presented. Your profile has nothing stating who you are or where you are from. As you are probably aware, there are a lot of people trying to make a buck off other peoples misfortune. Some of the people here have been ripped off so you can't fault anyone for being suspicious of an ad saying that you have bracelets to sell with no address for the company.
ALS Canada is already selling bracelets of their own and a lady in California is selling them in the U.S. We are pretty sure where their money goes, so until you explained, no one had any idea what it was about or whether it was legitimate.
Please let us know how your project goes and sorry for the misunderstanding. Al.
Hi John. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I have to agree with Al. There are far too many out there trying to take advantage.
On the positive side, I commend your efforts and achievements. The biggest struggle everyone has beyond dealing with the physcial ramifications of ALS, is awareness. As a side line, we just received an email that ALS Ontario has arranged to donate some proceeds from a basebell game between New York and Toronto next summer towards ALS. Ironically, this is an idea I recently threw out to our local committee, but didn't have the opportunity to uncover the appropriate contacts. Point being, if you have access to celebrities, they can be a voice. How many diseases have received recognition once the red carpet walkers back it. Look at a previous post I had regarding Michael J Fox and Young onset of Parkinsons.
We need loud, well known voices to speak on behalf.
It would be great if you could adapt our website so people did not have to enter information they may not be comforatable doing ie email addresses and have pages we can click on for pictures of the bracelet, stories and your progess.
Good luck, keep us posted.
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