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It's a covered disease/condition in AZ with the new laws that went into effect.
I think that as with all things ALS, earlier, later, more help, less help will depend on the individual PALS, working with the prescribing doctor.
I live in one of the most liberal states-Minnesota, but do you think they would pass a MM bill? Can I go to a state that has approved MM, and get it? Do any of the ALS Centers for Excellence prescribe it?
I don't know if it would help me, but what I will try it, what the hell do I have to lose?
Barbie....two words for you: Rock on!

As a healthcare provider for nearly 20 years, I've become a huge advocate for the use, and research, of medical marijuana. If mmj helps alleviate, at a minimum, the anxiety and mental fatigue that ALS can take on someone, then by all means, do what you have to do. I'm too much of a libertarian to ever stand in the way of someone's right to comfort in the face of such a cruel illness. God bless you!
Any issues with paranoia?
Paranoia only happens because you think you are doing something illegal. I smoke on a regular basis but have to be careful because it will loosen up spasticity, which in my case, makes my legs weaker. It is legal in NJ but they only have one dispensary so they are backed up 6 months taking on new patients. I opted to obtain some through my own channels while I wait. Everyone must know someone, a friend of a friend? ALS Untangled gave it the thumbs up and my clinic recommended it. If you get cramps a lot, I highly recommend it. I used to wake up every night with excruciating painful leg cramps. Not anymore! Once I get my wheelchair I am ramping up my doses because I won't have to worry about walking and falling.
Hal has now been using medical marijuana for over a month. We initially bought prepared tincture. $60.00 for one tiny bottle lasting about 5 days. But the supplier ran out of tincture. Then we tired making tea out of the buds. I'd buy 0.25 grams at a time for $50.00. Both of those ways of getting the MJ into Hal were relatively pricey - maybe $80.00 per week. For the bud tea, I had to make the tea everyday, and we had to keep buying more.. Then a friend whose wife has Huntingtons and uses MJ for her spasticity suggested we try making infused oil out of the trim. That is a very efficient way for getting the active medicinal components of the MJ into concentrated liquid form. You simply grind the trim in a coffee grinder and then cook it in oil in a crock for for 24 hours, (we use 50/50 olive and liquid coconut) and finally strain the infused oil through cheesecloth. Very effective and very strong! $50.00 for one ounce of trim, and it looks like this first batch going to last a month. Hal is really finding the MJ helpful.
thank you so much for explaining how you did this Fran.

Can I ask what is Trim? I understand what you mean by bud, but not trim.
I wish we could get this not just for my dad but for my MS as well. There's not a snowballs chance in hell Tx will ever pass a medical marijuana law
Hey we live in B.C.,and MJ is legal for personal consumption. 12 years ago when my brother was dying of cancer, he lost his appetite, so I decided to get some for him. He was a cigarette smoker, so I figured that he could just smoke a joint. Problem? I didn't know where to get it, and it was illegal at that time. I was talking about it at work one day, and people were looking at me like I lived under a rock. By the end of the day there were 5 joints in my mail slot. Who knew. I brought them immediately to him after work, thinking I was going to be arrested on the way.
He tried it, but said he didn't like it, so wouldn't use it anymore. His wife didn't have any problems though.
Tim does not have spasms, cramping, anxiety, or lack of appetite, so what would it help?
..I couldn't deal with this without a smoke to be honest....certainly helping my mental state at the moment..
thank you so much for explaining how you did this Fran.

Can I ask what is Trim? I understand what you mean by bud, but not trim.

Tille - I think "trim" refers to the parts of the plant left after the buds have been removed - it includes stems, as well as leave, and is not good for smoking, but it is great for cooking. It also is much less expensive than buds, or leaves without stems. I was told the stems do contain the active chemicals, but they don't work well for smoking. It does need to be ground, and I use a coffee grinder. A food processor would work too.

I slow cook (for 24 hours) 1 ounce of finely ground trim in 500ml (1 pint) of olive/liquid coconut oil. Then I strain it through cheesecloth, wringing the cheesecloth (wrapped around the cooked grounds) afterword to get as much of the infused oil as I can. Last batch yielded 480ml. . Hal uses about 15 ml per day, broken up into 3 servings.

Note - the kitchen does smell mildly like marijuana during 24 hours that I am cooking it in the crock pot. If MJ is illegal where you live, you might burn a food- scented spicy kitchen candle or plan on some spicy, fragrant baking that day.
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