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Nov 2, 2007
Thanks so much for all of the support, I know that I came in and then went out again. I can not seem to get Freddie over this pneumonia crap. It seem to come around about every 2 to 3 months. I wonder if it is because he got that damn pneumonia shot..? But anywho things are getting a little better, after my come to jesus talk with him about getting up in the chair and start living with me, He has been getting up in the chair about 2-3 hours a day....THAT is alot for him. On the other hand I was thinking to myself.......(see the smoke) I do NOT know how he feels everyday nor the toll this has taken on his body, Sure it sounds easy for me to TELL him that he can do it, but I actually don't know what it feels like to sit with bone rubbing on bones. Freddie seems to be in constant shoulder pain, I don't know if this is common in his late stages of this disease. Freddie's body has real gone to hell. The last time we weighed him was around November and he weighed 116, I know that sounds horrible, but for him that is pretty good, when he got trached he weighed around 96, he is 6'3. So he is very tall to be so thin.They had to pump food in and out of his stomach when he first got the peg, He was literally malnourished, they were amazed that Freddie even survived all of the procedures. So I have been trying to think about what he really feels like sometimes....I did go out over the weekend, Freddies old drummer, has another band and it was kind of like old times.....I sure did miss my Freddie playing his strings though...But I think once we ALL learn to accept what now our new roles are that GOD has given us, it is much easier to accept what we ALL go through. I find that if I sit around and dwell on our old life, it makes it so much worse, I am trying like HELL to figure out what this new life is. I do know that there has got to be some purpose for all of this.
I know that I did tell yall that the passings were really getting to me also. I feel better about that now knowing that they are pain free and getting on with the real lives that are forever. I think that resentment was the real deal that was starting to eat away at me. I am grateful for the things that I have it could of turned out in some kind of weird way alot worse, if that could even make sense. I tell myself everyday to do the things that make me "sane" I have started getting up and doing something to myself instead of the typical ponytail and some sort of clothes, My friends could really start to notice the difference in me. I feel better, some days when I am trying my best I start to pick at the situation and that only makes it worse. But I am trying...........and I am so grateful to all of you, I know that I popped in and *****ed, popped make in and then gone again.
Well I have been working on some music with Freddie, wait till you hear this one......I am so proud of it........... Well Freddie is very well known for playing the National Anthem, so he dubbed in the Lou Gehrig speech into it and WOW! I am hear to tell you that it is whewwwwwwww....Something else, I did have to go through the Lou Gehrig estate to get some permission. They were blown away! I am currently working on our annual fund raiser for "Rock 4 A Cure" This is given me back my old self...I thrive on awareness for the community. So Zen Archer, get in touch with me I want you to listen to this for your website.........You are going to love it...I will get with Matt my right hand man and see about getting a link on here to it...............Well I have rambled enough!
I want to thank all of yall for the support, I couldn't get through this without yall

Thanks for the update on all you and Freddie have been up to. You are surely on my "hero" list!

I'm pulling for the two of you!
netty and freddie-
So good to hear from you all. netty you hang tough-I can't wait to hear freddie's music! You are both heroes in my book,
take good care,
Netty, Thanks for the update. I am encouraged for you, and can't wait to hear what Freddie has done with the song. ((hugs)) :)
Got the message, I'll send you a PM.
Netty you are a superstar and a true hero. Please tell Freddie that I simply CANNOT wait to hear this new music. It sounds brilliant.

Best of luck to you both! :)
Good to hear from you again, Netty. Sounds like you and Freddy are doing a great job with awareness. Now if you can only get his pneumonia under control! Regards, Cindy
Well I have been trying to figure out how to send this file and it is a wave, so I can not attatch it..
Zen I will email it to you!

Thanks for all the support!
Hi nettie! Glad to hear that hopes are up at your end.......God bless you and Freddie. I am trying my best not to get OFF TOPIC, but I have been trying to call you to let you kinow that my husband's right leg is coming off. Will keep you up with the latest. Gotta dig out your phone # again. Am trying my best not to get off topic! I know it could create a problem! May God bless you and Freddie dear!

I admire both of your strength so much. Please know that I think of you both every day. I can't wait to hear your song...I know it will rock. Hang in there girlie! Kelly
Glad to hear you are putting some energy to your own needs. We always hear that you have to put your own mask on first! Can't wait to hear the music.

hi nettie.
so good to hear things are a little better and you are taking a little time out for yourself.
its encouraging to know freddie feels able to work on his music again,can't wait to hear some.
as always you both are in my thoughts and prayers:)
You and Freddy are in my heart and prayers every day!
good to hear from you Netty.

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