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Oct 21, 2007
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I have wanted to send this out, but oh how difficult this is to type it. I first found this website forum, 5 months ago, when my mother-in-law started falling rapidly to ALS. I asked some of you ? on the feeding tube, on cramps, and just to share the pain i felt of not being able to take it away. Mom, left to be with our Lord, 2/23/08. She was 75 yrs old. We said our goodbyes, and prayed with her and i know she wanted to go and we knew it was time. We had a local ALS support person come just 36 hours prior to her passing who gave us wonderful advice and told us to let her go, once we did, 12 hours later she left to receive a hug from our Father. She could not speak the last 2 weeks of her life, some words but mostly not.. She barely held my face the night before when i told her i loved her. I wanted to thank all ofyou... for this arena to be able to seek support, encouragement and most of all honest concern for these loved ones in our lives and for those that are suffering from this disease, i pray we find a cure ...not soon, but now.. I often have gone on this site not with a ? but just to read.. to know that i am not alone, my mother in law is not alone...just reading was support... thanks so very much... Those that suffer from this disease i will pray for you.. i pray for a cure... i will continue this in her honor. I knew nothing of this disease until it hit home. May you find joy in each day and may those that are in your lives be inspired by your courage and strength. God Bless.

i just want to say how very sorry i am for your loss,your mother in law is now at peace.
god bless you and your family at this sad time and best wishes for the future.
God bless you too, aspen. You are such a hero. May your sweet mom rest in peace. It sounds like she had a beautiful departure. I agree with your post from beginning to end. Thank you very much for sharing.

sorry aspen, I meant your MIL!

Very sorry aspen. I hope you and your family can find peace in knowing she is in a better place.
I am sorry for your loss, Aspen.
My condolences to you Aspen and your family.
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