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Sep 11, 2006
Lost a loved one
I come to this forum and read your messages every day. I hear your stories, your questions, your suggestions, your worries, sometimes I also write something. My husband dies of ALS one year ago December 15 and every time I came here and hear your voices I feel like only the best people in the world get ALS. You are all wonderful people and I hope from the bottom of my heart that very soon a cure will be found. What messages would I be reading if that happens?!?!?!?!?!
Hi Sunny. I know this will be a difficult time of year for you. Thank you for offering your continued support for us and I hope that you and your child are doing better. AL.
You are a generous soul. The one year anniversary of Daniel's death is a difficult time for me. I am doing the best I can, being very gentle with myself and taking care of our son Marcos. He is gorgeous, fun, and full of energy and joy!

Take care all of you and know I have you in my heart and in my prayers.
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This thread of the ones who have already lost someone dear to them reminded me of Carol (Henry's wife). I came on board about the time she was leaving but I did love her sense of humor. Does anyone ever hear from her anymore. I hope she is well and happy.

I still get the odd email from her and think she is doing OK all things considered. I'll make a point of sending her a message today and checking. AL.
Sunny -

You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow. Do something special with your son.

Thank you for all the warmth and support you've provided to the rest of us. Hope we'll hear from you soon.

I sent an email to Carol and she mailed me back. She is doing well, still healing and keeping busy with her work and family and she wishes all her old friends well. AL.
Tomorrow is one month...

Tomorrow will be one month since my friend Linda passed away from this dreadful disease. Her son is also graduating from college tomorrow. She was really trying to hang on to be able to see that happen. Instead she will be watching from Heaven and able to laugh and dance and sing. I miss her terribly but I know that she is no longer suffering.

To all who have lost a loved one to ALS; I send my prayers and love as you celebrate the coming Christmas season. I think the best way we can honor our missing loved ones is to live the best life possible and enjoy each day to its fullest.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,
Chirstmas is a tough time for alot of will be a month since my mother in law passed on the 23rd and my husband and his sister are coming out of the 'numb' stage. They lost their father back in '81 so they feel 'alone'
I would like to thank whoever it was that put the link to the als bracelets...I bought 3 of them, one for myself, my sister in law and my 6 yr old daughter who is having a very hard time since losing her Granny. I was hoping that having one of these beautiful bracelets will bring some comfort.
Our daughter has a picture of her granny under her pillow and tells us that she now has a granny angel....
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