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Feb 3, 2008
Learn about ALS
Again I just want to THANK everyone that has responded to my nagging post. I really wish I had the strength you guys and gals have. I usually do. I think my pregnancy horomones have got me batty a little.
I agree with you , when you say ANXIETY...along BFS! I know anxiety has always been a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE struggle with me. I get anxiety when I see airport- (thats how minor it can be).
I think the best thing for me is to step away from this wonderful forum and focus on my life and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I was diagnosed w/ hyperchondria and Gad awhile back and I see how destructive it can be.

Wright: Thank YOU so much for your time and patience w/ me. I am sooo hard headed. Your information is soooo valuable.

Geo: Your right about the 10%-90%. I have been given the clean bill of health. Its time to live 90%. Thank you for your reply.

Pdaddy: Dont Sell your self short . You have been GREAT help. You have made tremendous strides and you deserve the best.

Olly: Anxiety? Yes MAM! I know this..Its hard to defeat anxiety. It really is. I trust your words and I know you are living from the direct effect of als and you have a lot of knowledge. I appreciate your time..So much! It means a lot.

Laurel: Thanks for your reassuring post. The outreach on this site is tremendous. Its awesome. I wish I could have found a cancer post when my grandmother passed from cancer last year that was soooo understanding like this post...

To anyone I miss. I want to thank you too for your time. I dont just want to run off. I want to be support to others, but before I DO THAT I have to heal myself and realize that I am ok..No matter what my ANXIETY tells me.

GRAMPAL..You' ve told me all along Im fine...and I am putting my trust in you and all of you and most important my doctors and Jesus Christ.

I will miss this form and the reassurance ofcourse, but as GEO stated..HOW MUCH REASSURANCE DO I NEED? when is enough enough? Now is enough.

Each and everyone of you hold a dear place in my heart. I am sorry to have burden. I will pray for each and everyone of you every day. Continue to stay strong and keep your chin up.

God Bless you all and may you find peace! Heck may I find peace! Its in me, I know it! lol Just got to seek it.

Warm Warm Regards-
Take care.
You sound like such a wonderful, warm and sensitive person. I wish you the very best of life with your new baby. I am sure that you will be fine. God Bless.
i got your pm and was going to send one when i saw this post.
please dont feel you have wasted anyones time, you are just as important as anyone else. i hope things work out well for you and i wish you all the best for the future and your new baby.
please come back and tell us about your new arrival lol.
god bless.
Warm regards to you as well. You sound like such a insightful and caring person. Your farewell message is very touching and thoughtful. Take care of yourself and like Caroline says, let us know when you have your baby and how you are doing. I don't believe that you were a burden at all, but for your own peace of mind it is time to re-focus on all that is positive in your life. Blessings to you. and I know God will be with you to help you find the peace you are seeking.
I pray for peace for you as you seek to overcome all that you are facing. May God guide and direct your paths. A little something from us all...........
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