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Oct 18, 2007
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Hello my name is Paul. I am texgrls husband. I found this website and sent her the link on it some time ago and she joined. I have read her post for the first time today about my mother and I want to thank everyone who has replied to her in such a kind and respectable way. It has made me feel very lucky that I have her as my wife and she can voice basiclly the same words I feel, about what is going on with my mother. I have always been the strong person in my family and just in day to day life, work etc.
I have suffered from severe depression though for several years and I have not been the same. Now with the cards my mother have been dealt with this DAMN disease I am hanging on by a thread everyday.
Right now I just feel like I want to die with her. This really has changed the way I look at things, and people in general. This disease takes so much from everyone involved it makes me wonder why God would allow it. I AM SO ANGRY!
I hope I dont offend people when I say that about God, I just dont believe this is happening. She doesnt deserve this and I don't think any soul on earth who has ALS does.
I dont know how many times I will post on this forum because I dont know what to say. I just want my wife and son to know I love them very much and I am glad she has found support that I may not always be able to give.

Thanks, again to everyone speaking to my wife.
Hi pop3! Just read your post. Yes, I know of texgrl and her mother in law. We have shared posts a few times. You guys are not too far from us, we live in Tomball.
Pop, I know the pain you are experiencing. Like you, I wanted to leave this earth with my son. I got to the point to where I wanted bad news every time I went to the doc. My son has taught me so much, and I love him so much for that. I am sure you have read my past posts. I have really poured my heart out on several ocassions. My world crashed to an end when my son was diagnosed'ed. I used to be a happy go lucky person, with tons of friends, regardless of skin color, I loved life, and my children were my priority always. Now, I walk around with a broken heart, I hardly smile, the holidays do not matter to me anymore. My life took such a traumatic turn. I will be praying for your family, and may God bless each one of you. Don't be a stranger, keep us posted!

Hey Paul!

Very sorry your Mom has ALS. I really know how you feel!

I hope the people at your work have lightened up on you and are understanding.

You have a wonderful wife! Y'all are great for having your parents move in with you...

It's OK to be angry and in shock. We are here to share that!

Take care and be strong !
You afre welcome, Paul. It is nice to know the support and encouragement found on this forum does not go unnoticed. You and Texgirl and anybody else in the family are welcome at any time! Cindy
i haven't checked in on this forum in several days, so i just saw this post from my husband. it made me cry. i think we are all lucky to have each other. thanks to everyone who responded to my husband. we are both such different people and we deal with things differently. right now he is angry, and i was at first, but i really feel we just don't have time to be angry. it is what it is. what was that line in a movie once? get busy living or get busy dying.......

this disease is so terrible. i try real hard not to focus on what lies ahead but to try to enjoy every single minute i can with my mother in law, and really, just everyone in the family while we are all still together. i do goofy silly things to make her laugh, like hang her underwear on the ceiling fan, give names to artificial plants and make them talk to her. whatever it takes to keep her mind off of what is happening.

Irma--i hate that you are still hurting so badly. The loss of someone you love can create such a void. i just tell myself i have to keep going. i have lots of family that will still be here even after my mother in law is gone. i am sure you do too. i really think it is ok to keep living and find happiness again after you lose someone. that doesn't diminish the love you had for them. If you need to chat or something, feel free to message me. maybe we can meet for a starbucks or something.
txgrl, thank you sweetly for your nice post. Yeah, I was so surprised when I read Paul's post. It was so sweet of him to step in, and be part of our little "online family!" I am trying to go on with my life. I know that is what my son would have wanted. He even made me promise him that I wouldn't be crawling in a hole. I spent Thanksgiving with my other son. Came home, checked on my husband, and left again. My son took me to New Orleans for a little spin, from there we went to San Antonio. He is opening a sound system store in SA. I was there for about a day. He stayed, while one of this boys brougt me home, and here I am. I am so far behind with this posting, and Xmas is around the corner. Don't think I'll ever catch up. I'm gonna try though!
It is so nice what you are doing for your MIL! She is so lucky to have a DIL like you. Keep us posted, and God bless.

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