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Apr 2, 2007
Hi - I need some advise. About a month ago I started having lower leg pain on my right leg. I was to concerned with it until I noticed a dent on the outer side of my leg, right below my knee. It really scared me, thinking it was atrophy. I called and made an appt. with my neurologist to have him look at it. I just got done with my appt this morning and he said it was my peroneal nerve that looked injured. It's the nerve that conects to the Siatic nerve that runs down the leg. He done a couple strenght test with both feet and said that my right foot when I streghtend it outward seemed a little weak compared to the left foot. I can't notice any weakness when walking at all. He performed a Nerve Conduction test from the nerve on the back of my knee to the section that looks injurued and then from the section that injured to my ankle. He said that the section from my knee to the injured section should have a quicker responce that the other section. Well it was a tad slower, so he said that it seemed to be injured and could be from a lot of things. He asked if I crossed my legs and I said yes and he said it very well could be from that. I am also 38 weeks pregnant, which I know that this could contribute to this as well. I asked him if he thought this was related to ALS as I've been twitching for a little over two years now and have always been scared of that I have it and he said no. He said to flex my foot outward to re-gain the strenght in that nerve and if I don't see any improvement in the next few months or if it gets worse to come back in. Can anyone reassure me that this doesn't sound like the beginning stages of ALS. I don't know what to do and am still freaked out. Please help
Can anyone reassure me that this doesn't sound like the beginning stages of ALS.

I never know how to explain when we get asked this question. First, there is no test for ALS so that right there is an indication of how difficult it is for doctors to diagnose anyone.

We are not doctors, and even the doctors do not talk about the "beginning stages" for the reason that early symptoms mimic many, many, other diseases. I have had symptoms myself for nearly 2 years now and still no DX, so your best course of action is to let the doctors treat your pinched nerve and see what happens from there.
Hi there. We're not doctors here but he is so I'd follow his advice. After you go back IF you see no improvement I'd ask for a referral to a specialty Neuro clinic. Most Neuro's in smaller towns don't see enough ALS patients so you are better off at an ALS Clinic if there is any doubts. Twitching can be BFS or a number of different things. Have a healthy baby. Don't worry yourself now.
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