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Aug 15, 2005
please help, two years ago I started getting little twitches under my skin. I am a 35 yr. old mom of three. I work shift work and thought I was just tired. The twitches spread to all parts of my body but no weakness. I had an emg (normal ) my nero said I am just a person who twitches. I asked him if I had ALS and he said Definatly not. He did all the blood work, MRI, etc... ( all normal) I started to get used to twitching and felt "safe". about 3 weeks ago I noticed a dimple in my hamstrimg about 2" X 2 ". It is painfull off and on but I had hit myself there a few months back and thought I damaged the muscle. About this same time the left side of my tounge started twitching off and on, (speech is fine, swallow fine) yesterday I noticed another dimple near the same area of the first one. It is like a depression in the muscle. This also is sore and I now have the feeling of weakness, burning, strain and pain on my whole left side. This gets better with rest. I am so terrified. Sometimes i do stub my toes on nothing. I went to see the nero again. He did no EMG but perscribed me some zanax for stress. this does not relieve my symptoms. Today my left arm and left shoulder feel weak and burn like I am working out just from typing. Does this sound like ALS? should I go to elsewhere? Also I don't understand why I was not tested for nerve damage to my upper limbs with EMG testing. any advice would help ......please thankyou so much.
Getting a 2nd or 3rd opinion from a neurologist should help answer your questions.

Have you researched "Lyme Disease" at all?

Try not too panic and explore ALL possible causes.
Thankyou Mike. I will seak out a 2nd opinion. I have been tested for 4 kinds of lymes(all neg.) . I am trying not to panic. we all love our families so much and I want to have hope for a life (even if it is with ALS) . Your picture inspires me. I want to have that positive outlook and stop feeling so sick inside. My youngest turns 4 tomorrow. I will enjoy the party and look into the MS clinic in Philadelphia. (I have been told it is the only place to get a real workup.)
I have two boys (5 & 7)...

Every moment with them is a gift.
My children's Love gives me the strength to go on...

I'm sure it'll be the same for you. :D
My son's birthday party went very well. My mother gave me a zanax and for the first time in a month I felt normal. (hardly any twitching or weakness on my left side) It was such a wonderful feeling to just be normal. I could enjoy my children for the whole day. Today, no zanzax, twitching is back full blown. I have not been diagnosed yet but have been tested for everything else under the sun. Also, would it hurt to take some antioxidants? One of my friends at work has MS and says they have slowed down her progression. ( I know MS is very different but I just don't know what to believe ) I was looking at als options site. Has anyone tried any of this or is it a scam? Also , if I do have als, why would zanax make all of my symptoms go away( except the dent in my leg muscle) ? Do als patients twitch everywhere all of the time like I do? Sorry everyone, I am full of questions all fuled by the fear of not seeing my children grow up. 3 years ago our house burnt, We lost everything and almost lost our lives. We made it and I promised the 3 of them and my husband that things would be good for us soon . What if I lied ? What if they have to watch their mommy get sick? Please some one tell me people do live more than 3 years with als. My last emg was in december, it was normal. p.s. thank you Mike, your words help me sleep at night and i hold on to those thoughts when I am really worried.

Try to look on the up side rather than the down. I was diagnosed in 1991 with ALS but the symptoms started in about 1989 or earlier. I have gone through the "downs" of this disease and now I am going through the "ups". I try to advise as I wish I had been advised and Mike is entirely right 2nd, 3rd and even 4th opinions are necessary. ALS takes on so many masks that it is hard to detect and only by eliminating all the rest of the possible causes does it show itself. Stay strong, think positive and hopefully all will work out for you.

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