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May 30, 2007
Does ALS effect the body's ability to regulate temperature? I wake up sweating and there are other times I am freezing and just cannot seems to get warm.

Hope that all are doing as well as can be expected
same here

I was wondering the same thing. I don't seem to tolerate even slightly cold. Can go to bed under blankets & wake up a few hours later sweating. Tough when there's no one around. I can't put jacket on or take it off by myself. My teeth also chatter like crazy when I get nervous too--does that happen to anyone else?

Welcome, greenjeans. Cold is my #1 enemy. Not such a great thing for living in the northeast. My hands lock up and I walk like a robot. I now have a better relationship with my heating pad than with my husband (although he is still a close second :))

Greenjeans - after my last emg I was so nervous (and freezing) that my teeth and jaw chattered and I had a hard time talking! I also go to bed freezing, turn on the electric blanket and wake up sweating and turn the fan on. It's a terrible cycle. I was telling a friend today that I am going to find those battery operated heated socks and gloves that the hunters use because I don't think I can tolerate this winter.
#1 Enemy

I agree...although I have PLS, I CAN NOT tolerate the cold. I just bought 6 pair of over the knee smart wool socks. Got two pair for free. THe owner of this shoe shop in the area gave me a real deal! I wear moreno wool scarves, too. My neck, hands and legs seem to be affected the most. Getting warm and staying warm is my goal. I ask my hubs to heat up the van before we go anywhere. Even traveling in the car, I wrap a blanket around my legs with the infamous hot water bottle at the base of my back. It eases the spasms in my lower back and legs. I also stiffen right up in the cold. The robot walk? I totally have that down.... My two cents worth AND :-D HI LIZ!
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Hello Greenjeans and welcome ot our little corner of the internet. Glad you decided to join us.

As for temp changes, I think they must be related to MND. THere is to much evidence on these boards to think otherwize. The Pulmonary Clinic did tell me that people with sleep disorders often have hot and cold spells but I did not ask for details. I will see them again soon and ask more about it.
I agree with Liz, cold is definately an enemy. If I get to cold with the hyper reflexes I have, it's like I almost lose control of my body I start shaking bad in my arms and legs.
Tim has the opposite

My brother Tim has the opposite. Although sometimes he gets cold. He is sweating a lot. Even with the Air on. Also his Temperature seems to stay a few degrees elevated.

Anybody else stay with an elevated Temperature? I am thinking because he cant move aroung a lot. His circulation may have something to do with it?

Lorie-I am naturally cold natured!:-D
A Glass Of Port Wine Works Wonders For The Chatters
Lorie- I asked the sleep lab today why people who do not sleep well have a lot of night sweats and she said that when you are sleeping soundly, there are things your body is supposed to let wind down, like blood pressure and stuff. she said you can cause night sweats in anybody by startling them awake several times druign the night, as their body wil not have time to fully relax. She didn't know about the warm feelings during the day, though. That was out of her line of expertise. I know what you mean about reaching for the theometer. I keep thinking I have a fevor. IDK. just one of the mysteries, I guess! Cindy
I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure/high cholesterol and I was told that can effect temperature regulation and can lead to the numbness I have been feeling. I was put on Zocor but was told muscle cramps could be a side effect- I wonder how i would know the difference between what I have and that :)
My teeth chatter like crazy, think it must be something that is a symptom of the diseases we are all suffering with, it just makes so much sense, we all have the symptom, has to be. Every darn time we get really nervous or cold and the teeth go. I really think when it is cold and we are nervous OH BOY. The scoks, the blankets, the heating pads, water bottles, they are now the fashion must haves...

Hi hun,

this is a general observation..
Most people tend to feel cold when they have no fat to insultate the body.

Generally, anorexics begin to feel cold due to the lack subcutaneous fats beteen the muscles and the skin. They begin to grow soft downy, hair to supplement body heat.

If in ALS the and the progression is atypical - the body eats its own fat supply in order to function. Simultaneouly in ALS the muscles begin to atrophy - resulting in insufficient insulation. You guys - if you can eat - go hell for leather! This will prevent the cold weather aversion. My mother is not so lucky. Cant eat properly and when she does - gags on every second mouthful!

If you can eat - EAT! Pickup up every fat bursting, gut busting burger you can find (BK's Double whopper can supplement this). It might not be healthy but it'll bag you some extra warmth giving fat cells. I guarantee you that!
Temperature Regulation

Have any of you at Autonomic testing done? I have been through it, your autonomic nerves are the ones that control temp regulation in your body, if they are not working correctly you get intolerant to cold or heat, depending on how they react. THey do this through the sweat glands, in my situation, the atunomic nerves that control the sweat glands in the lower half of my body no longer work, therefore I no longer sweat from the waist down, and the ones above the waist over react causing me to sweat profusely over little exertion, also at night. You might want to get this checked out.
Quality Babe,

What is your treatement, what are your symptoms and is the treatement working?

Do you have hyper reflexes, hoffmans, babinski, which are classic ALS signs, it would be interesting to compare what that does vs. ALS?


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