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Aug 16, 2007
can anyone tell me how to edit and/or delete a post I have written. I looked it up on the FAQ's. It says you can do it by clicking on the EDIT button beside the post but I cannot find one. Am I blind too?
I see the quote one, the multi-quote one, the reply etc but no edit button. Where is it? Anyone?
Ok, replying to my own question now. I saw the edit button pop up on this new post but it is not there on any of my previous posts. Does that mean that once a post is out there, it cannot be deleted/edited? Surely not if you are the author?
Edit Msg

my understanding is that once you hit post reply, it is out of your hands and can not be edited.
Hi. I've been kind of busy at my day job :-D and just saw this post. everybody has a short time-something around 10 minutes- to edit their posts once they press submit. If anybody sees a prior post fo theirs that they would like to amend, pleae PM me. I have the ability to delete a post but I only use that option if somebody breaks the rules or asks me to do it for their own posts after the edit time has elasped. Hope this helps. Cindy
Just a note: If you do use the edit option make sure you then hit "save." If you do not. the old post will stay in place and will not be replaced by the edited version. Cindy knows this too - she just forgot. :-D and just in case someone doesn't know that piece I thought I would add my two cents on the subject..... Happy Thanksgiving All. Peg
THanks Peg for reminding me. I did forget. Actually I am not a detail person so I am the last one to give directions because my mind glosses over some of the steps. LOL I tiell people "I can take you there, but if I were to tell you how to find a place you might never arrive!" :-D

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays. This year more than ever, I guess.
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