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Getting Silly, me was speaking to your quotation of meself; and subsequent two qualifications.

Anywho, good to see Neil in the mix.

back to me clogged feeding tube,

might Roto Rooter,

Yeah, i mean, O'yeah Broseph.

maybe suction machine, fo'realz, yo

gettin silly wit it,

Both neurologists who run the Houston ALS clinic said not to waste your money on riluzole
Honestly one ineffective drug in 20 years? Imagine how the cancer lobby would be screaming if that were the case with them
fwiw i got the same response from the ALS clinic in tel aviv. not worth it, side effects outweigh benefits.
I think a European Agency just recommended against its use in anymore trials.
- pat

Not true about the EMA- European Medical Agency.
It would not accept trial data from India due to European concerns over the quality of data and would not license Riluzole from Alkem Labs, India, in the EU.

Riluzole from European labs is not affected by this.
Here is the EMA Statement from 24 June 2016.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended the suspension of a medicine (Riluzole Alkem), for which studies were conducted at the Alkem Laboratories Ltd site in Taloja, India, and has required companies to provide new data for another medicine before it can be authorised in the EU. The recommendations follow a joint routine inspection by German and Dutch authorities in March 2015, which revealed misrepresentation of data during the conduct of two different trials performed in 20013 and 2014 at the Taloja site.

The findings cast doubts on the quality management system in place at the site, and thus on the reliability of the data of bioequivalence studies conducted between March 2013 and March 2015.
EMA’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) noted that, although there is no evidence of harm or lack of effectiveness linked to the conduct of studies by Alkem Laboratories Ltd, the studies cannot be accepted in marketing authorisation applications in the EU.
Therefore, the Committee recommended that medicines authorised or being evaluated on the basis of these studies should be suspended or refused authorisation, unless alternative data are available from other sources. The specific recommendations of the CHMP are as follows:
• Riluzole Alkem, a medicine for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) which has yet to be marketed in the EU, should now be suspended.
Morning Ells, not that, i read something else. i will find it, after playing with this clogged feeding tube. We were up past 6am trying to unclog it. Four hours later, ready to try again. Sorry, i am preoccupied with this tube. i check in here, once in awhile as a distraction.
Hope you sort out the tube.

Looking forward to reading what you found about Riluzole trials in Europe.

For full disclosure: I've been taking Riluzole for 9 years, from day after my diagnosis, thankfully without side effects.
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Ur hospice nurse said to insert syringe, pull up on it to see if there is residual, then flish with water. It's worked every time
Thanks Bro, been doing that. Maybe suction machine soon.

How u doing Neil?
Pat I would get that tube seen to, it should not be blocked this long!

Coke is reputed to work well, remember how we used to soak copper coins in it and watch them turn to shiny new like magic?

Put coke in (you can warm it up for best effect, doesn't need to be fizzy) and clamp the tube off and let it sit in there a little while, then try plunging it through.

You can buy little cleaning brushes too that may dislodge something.

Then the rule is FLUSH, FLUSH, FLUSH - before and after every use!
Thanks all for guidance, i m aware that there is no cure for this disease same is claimed by TCM hospital. They just say that this tea will help in relieving disease symptoms. As other medicines did not show any improvement yet including Rilutek that is why I was looking for other treatments and this sounds good. This was also recommended by Mr. Erick in his journal.
Currently we are trying homeo medicines, herbal medicines to improve liver functioning (Milk thistle and burdock root) and antioxidant like fish oil, grape seed extract and other supplements like zinc, vit B complex, Vit C and Vitamin D
If anyone has any suggestion I will be really grateful
One thing to clear, my sister is suffering from ALS
I will get u some info quick, Bro.

Thank for the tube advice, folks... we tried multiple rounds of various techniques over several days, ultimately a product called Clog Zapper cleared the tube, required a few attempts as well, but it did work.

Tillie your concerns were sensible, and we do not have a wheelchair van. When we use a van, we have to arrange for a rental. This delays me getting to medical pros quickly, making that clog even more dangerous.

I will start a thread here about Riluzole and what i read, but i will check, somebody here probably posted it already, if so; i will bump it into sight.

i never took Riluzole, and my insurance did / does cover it. But here is something positive about it: 321?Development of Intrathecal Riluzole: A New Route of Administration for the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients. - PubMed - NCBI
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