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Jun 14, 2016
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I have recently contacted TCM hospital in china who provide a herbal tea for ALS treatment. Have anybody tried it before, kindly share your feedback. It will be helpful if anyone can share other helpful info for ALS treatment. Disease started 4 months back in my left arm and now I could not move my arms and legs.

It's a terminal illness, herbal tea will not cure anything.
Tillie, you are right that it is a terminal illness but the chinese and indians have medical traditions that are far better than ours. i also do not think that typical herbal teas will cure als, but i think that if u go to the source that there are plenty of very powerful herbs to be tried for slowing progression/symptoms. these are generally not available in the west because the plants cannot really be patented and thus no one will invest in producing medicines. i once went into farming of powerful medicinal herbs--aromatic species from the negev desert that had been traditional medicinals, but it failed as a business for this reason.
Betsy I appreciate what you are saying.

The OP however has not named the 'herbal tea', and says that he/she has been diagnosed but the profile says the OP is a family member of some with ALS. Says disease started 4 months ago and yet was diagnosed 3 months ago, and is already quadriplegic. Something just seems wrong here.

We do get some very strange posts here and I don't like to play the sceptic but ...
nothing proven to stop als / mnd. Any proposed treatment at this time is experimental, with dismal odds of effectiveness.
Any proposed treatment at this time is experimental
With two qualifications:
- Riluzole
- Japan has an additional drug approved as a treatment
I will continue Rlluzole "just in case." - - - have been on the drug for 4 1/2 years and am still doing fairly well. Can't say if the med has helped but I will keep taking it as long as it is covered by my insurance.
If Riluzole slows Brian's progression by a few months even the 14 buck do pay will have been worth it ( he is 66 so on Medicare).
Riluzole is a bad joke

I am so glad you said that, because moms docs both said it did not work and advised against it. I have felt bad about it ever since we opted not to start it.
I think Riluzole is very much an unknown.

We can't really know just how fast any PALS would have progressed for sure had they not taken it.

Yet, if I were a PALS, if I were taking it and progressing slowly, I sure would not stop taking it.

If ALS is in fact more than one disease as many of us suspect, then it may be a huge factor in why Riluzole really doesn't do anything (or doesn't appear to) in some PALS.

The fact remains - if there was anything, even some obscure chinese herbal tea that impacted on ALS the PALS who would have discovered this by being cured or significantly slowed would be shouting it from the rooftops!
With two qualifications:
- Riluzole
- Japan has an additional drug approved as a treatment

U silly. I said nothing proven to stop als / mnd.

But i am happy to see u cheerful.

Radicut / Endervone / MCI-186, i am not aware of substantial benefits for mnd

Riluzole as far as i know, is controversial... i have read bad pubmed on it. I think a European Agency just recommended against its use in anymore trials.

i would get some links, but i have a clogged feeding tube for a few days.

just wanted a distraction for a minute. if we clear this tube i will post some disturbing pubmed about Riluzole.

but those pubmed could be wrong also.

if it works for u, that makes me very happy. - pat
We would never pay the 1K a month some have paid in the past. I think that stopped when people figured it had no big life extending or progression slowing powers.
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