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May 4, 2018
Learn about ALS
Hey everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I am so truly sorry to the people that have to live with this horrible disease. I am a 23-year old male, caucasian.

About four days ago I noticed uncontrollable twitching in my left leg as I was going to sleep. Twitching isn't a new thing for me, I've twtiched for as long as I can remember, all over my body. But never really to this extent. Fast forward to today, and I am now twitching in my right leg, although it isn't as much as my left leg. I have also gotten twtiches on both sides of my ribcage, neck, triceps, neck, butt, eyelid, and face since this ordeal began on Monday. I have been able to walk, although it feels like my legs (particularly my left) are sluggish. It recently started warming up here in Illinois, so last week I rode my bike to and from work nearly everyday. So I thought it could be overexertion from that. I also had four intramural volleyball games spread out Monday - Wednesday of this week (when the twitching began).

I have constantly been examining myself for muscle atrophy, but I have yet to find any. I have recently began taking vitamins and magnesium supplements, but those have yet to make a difference over the past couple days.

I went into an urgent care center this morning to get the twitches examined. The doctor had my blood drawn (everything came back clean), and prescribed me muscle relaxants. I have been pretty stressed the last month or so with finals, work, and other circumstances, which has also probably heightened my anxiety a fair bit too.

So, my question to you all, is does this sound like the early stages of ALS? I have convinced myself over the past week that I definitely have it, and there it has been so incredibly nerve-wracking. I am always doing strengths tests, walking on my toes, walking on my heels, etc., and everything seems to be normal.

Does ALS spread to other limbs this quickly? i.e. twitching in left leg, spread to right leg/foot in a matter of days. The twitching is constant, and it just won't go away.
Both answers are no. Nothing in what you have described says ALS. Good luck with volleyball season.

4 whole days? Most people with ALS have been through at least a year of tests and progressing symptoms. Do you remember bringing home the letter saying someone in your class has HEAD LICE. The first thing your mom did was scratch her head. You check everyone in the house for HEAD LICE,no HEAD LICE. No one on the entire block has them and still you scratch. You are probably scratching just reading this. Twitching is much the same. You see or feel a twitch and all of the sudden you are hypervigilant about twitching. 70% of people twitch, and have nothing wrong with them. So relax, you have a long life before you. LIVE it!
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