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Oct 5, 2007
Has anyone tried t.e.n.s (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) treatment? Would the mild electric current stimulate the muscles/nerves in any way? Just a thought.....
Hi Steve- there has been some debate on this in prevoius threads. People were a little skeptical, though, for 2 reasons. First, dying muscles cannot be recouped in MND, so most PALS are reluctant to over use their muscles since eventually they won't come back. And then there is the question of how stimulating a dead muscle would even work. Did you ask your ALS clinic if this treatment is a possibility? Cindy
Hi - my Mother was only diagnosed a few days ago so we haven't really had much contact with anyone yet. Somebody from the local MND society is coming to visit in a week or so. Wouldn't TENS stimulate the nerve endings though? Isn't it the nerves dying off that is the source of the problem? I'm not really 100% sure yet. I'd be grateful for any information. Thanks.
Ps- is there anyway I can hide my location on my public profile on this board? I don't want someone seeing it and getting upset.
I am not sure how to hide locations; but I have to ask...why would anyone be upset that you live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet? I was only lucky enought to visit Wales for 3 days but they are some of my most cherished memories.
What is showing now for our location is the info we had to provide when we registered rather than info we chose to provide (or not) on our profiles.

It is very helpful for people responding to queries to know your location. You might get a much more helpful answer from someone in the UK, for example, than from someone living in Oregon.

I suspect once you have lifted with the disease for a while you will lose your reluctance to reveal your residence. It becomes a trivial concern compared to others.

Wishing all the best for your mother,

Hi all - I've changed my location to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. You can change it through the USER CP section at the top of the page. I'm not embarassed by my country or my mother's illness, but I originally had the name of my village on my profile. Its a very small place so It would have been obvious it was me. We don't really want locals knowing every part of her illness :)

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here Pythia, some parts of Wales are beautiful. Where did you go? Do you have family here?

Thanks for your help Liz and your best wishes John. Best wishes to you all too.
Hi Steve,

I was in Llangollen for a couple of days only. I have not yet tracked down any relatives in Wales but I know that some of my ancestors came from Swansea and Cardiff areas - or al least left for the Americas from there.
Hi Pythia

I've been searching for ancestors myself recently - good luck:)
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