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Mar 29, 2019
Learn about ALS
Hi my issue started in Nov was cooking bad pain in right hand went to doc blood test xray all fine physio noticed atrophy in my hand between thumb and forefinger went to neuro she didn't think I had adl had a emg result one slightly abnormal muscle in hand all others OK ongoing tingling numbness in hands and legs feel numb and heavy neuro suggesting mri feeling worried and lost
Please read this:

You’ve described a lot of tingling and numbness which are sensory symptoms. That is not part of ALS.

Atrophy could represent localized nerve damage or a mechanical problem.

If EMG was “slightly abnormal” in just one area, that also points away from ALS.

So I don’t see anything in your post that is worrisome for ALS. Please keep working with your neurologist to get to the bottom of your symptoms.
Thanks for your reply appreciated
I also had a nerve conduction test which was normal if I didn't have the atrophy wouldn't b so concerned I find it hard to write as painful hoping mri will show something mind going crazy thanks for all replies
I have mri on sat it is on the spine anyone no what it involves or what can b found out thanks
An mri is easy you just lie there! Cervical spine I am guessing? Your head and shoulders will be in the machine which is enclosed. Noisy and they give earplugs or headphones. It is pretty quick. I think mine was less than 1/2 an hour.

They are looking for spine issues that might be compressing a nerve

Lumbar spine would be the same except your head is outside the machine. Also a quick scan
Thanks for your reply it is so helpful I am just hoping I can find out what is wrong with me and is fixable I really appreciate the time to anaser my questions without this forum I would b a nervous wreck and clarity is giveb
Thanks for reply could a mri give me a final conclusion do u think I have muscle waste on hand physio confirmed it hand weak and painful can't write as painful legs numb sometimes feel loose sometimes twitching this is since Nov but seems to b getting worse ré emg one muscle slightly abnormal but could that b begin ní g of mnd and then spread to other muscles
Hi I have posted here before please bear with me since Nov I first got pain in right hand had blood test xray then physio who said I had muscle waste on right hand between forefinger and thumb so go to neuro have emg test result slightly abnormal muscle in right hand other muscles OK she doesn't seem to think I have als but it's hard to write as hurts I have numbness in leg sa and weird feelings and numbness in hands now I just had MRI on spine but I just feel I am none the wiser should of the emg showed more abnormalities which what she said sorry I posted before but I just feel helpless
My emg says mild abnormal study only abnormality found was denervstion on right fdi no other abnormal found on this study there is no evidence for a widespread denervstion of motor neurond
You’re talking about numbness and tingling which are sensory symptoms. ALS is a disease of motor neurons, not sensory, so you’re not describing ALS.

Your neurologist told you already that ALS wasn’t a concern. We’re not going to tell you anything different.

Please keep working with your doctors. This forum is not the place for you.
Hi Karen OK thanks sorry I just feel confused with emg result and my symptoms and not sure when seeing neuro again
Would it b OK to show my emg to someone on the site just not sure when I will b seeing neuro again and things on it I don't understand but worry me
You can save it as a PDF or image and attach it to a post. Make sure your name doesn't show.

Thank you so much u r kind I will do as soon as I can
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